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The bus strike is over..finally!

The beyond rational comprehension OC Transpo strike is finally over! All outstanding issues will be sent to arbitration and the rusty tin cans on wheels driven by (mostly, not all) ingrateful snits will be back on the road in a week!

Yes, its about frickin’ time!!

P.S. Woops! I posted this before I heard the “but” later on-Apparently, the strike is over BUT it will be weeks until their up and running again,¬† services and routes will be cut and fares will probably go up…well.. fuck! ūüė¶


Tragedy at a Puppy Rescue

Something terrible happened recently-A woman who runs an animal rescue in Navan (East of Ottawa) returned home to find her rescue on fire and many of the animals dead.¬†¬†The¬†woman’s name is Mich√®le Mayer and she has been running this organization-NARC– from her home for awhile now but will have to start practically from scratch again.

I’ve met¬†Mich√®le personally and can honestly say I’ve never met anyone as unwaveringly dedicated to animal welfare. She drives long distances to puppy mills, grabs as many dogs as she can fit in her truck and painstakingly rehabilitates them back to health and happiness. Mich√®le also takes in the animals the SPCA won’t as well as any her friends are unable to keep.

I know times are tough, but if you could donate any money to her rescue so she can get started up again, it will be greatly appreciated not only by her, but by the animals as well. ūüôā

A new year of flowers and tacky dresses


For all the people who braved the cold weather to protest the 48-day transit strike, here is a flower. (Well two actually). I’m not sure if your actions will actually speed up putting an end to this insane bullshit, but kudos to your gumption.

Anyways, the weekend was good-On Saturday, I went to martial arts class and the wheels have slowly began turning in my brain again in terms of remembering katas, kicks, self defense techniques, throws, etc.¬† (I was on a sabbatical from MA¬†for awhile) On Sunday, my mother-in-law and I went to a vintage clothing sale that was held in someone’s house. The woman who organized the sale buys old clothes and then resells them to the vintage hungry. Which would normally include myself, but most of the clothing was A) Tacky and/or B) VERY ill fitting. In fact, I saw a girl strut around in a dress that had a giant bow on the ass. She liked it, but honestly, I would never wear that much material on my derriere. (Unless it was for a safety device, less I slip on the ice and fall on my butt) I also found a number of dresses like these, in various shades¬†like bubblegum (come ca ici), vomit green, pea green, mustard yellow and all of the colours mixed together:pink_dress_340x490

So needless to say, I didn’t buy anything. One other problem with vintage clothing-The hats are shoes are far too tiny for me. Its like women used to be munchkins or something. So weird.

Today is Chinese New Year so – xńęnni√°n kwail√®- to you! (Sorry if I spelled it wrong, Mandarin is still fairly new to me) There’s a guy at my work who’s from Hong Kong and used to teach Chinese to CBC (Canadian Born Chinese) kids. He’s been teaching me a few phrases and trying not to laugh too hard at my (mis) pronunciation.

Sick Humor and Great Music-Good for what ails ya!

XUP was asking for suggestions as to what to do to speed up the negotiation process to end the transit strike. Well, here’s another idea.

I’m thinking this treatment for Andre Cornellier (He would be the mean, old man in the chair):

LOL. Man! I miss Fallout 3! Its been at some Microsoft-run-by-monkeys-warehouse getting fixed for the second time for the past 3 weeks! (They assured us it wouldn’t take this long, pfft! right!)

Anyways, to quench my geeky withdrawal and alleviate the stress of driving everyday in horrible weather and traffic, I’ve been listening to the music from the game. The music consists entirely of popular songs from the 30s-40s. For a taste, listen here:

Some other wonderful ones are here:

Great music makes the transit strike somewhat more bearable. Its hard not to smile when you sing the lyrics: “Bongo, bongo, bongo, I don’t wanna leave the jungle, I don’t wanna go-oooo.”

My cat won’t let me blog!

So I was surfin’ other people’s blogs and about to write the most profound post on mine, when Marcus, my swarthy male cat, swooped in and started hogging the computer. It started with him watching me type…


which then led to him to try and make his own comments on “Making it Lovely”..


until finally he parked his body right on top of¬†the computer and gave me a look like “what?”


Just be happy I got these pictures instead¬†of a photo¬†of his butt which is usually the view I get when he tries to superimpose himself between myself and whatever I’m doing at the time. Be it blogging, reading, eating..;)

Me vs Junk Mail

junk1I hate junk mail. I hate it almost as much as pushy telemarketers and door-to-door salesmen.  Junk mail is persistent, annoying and oh so wasteful. Most junk mail is picked up from a mail box and immediately deposited into a recycle bin or worse, a garbage can.  Junk mail has a 2% response rate. 2%!! Makes you wonder what the hell is the point?

In an effort to cut down on unaddressed admail, I put up a sign on my mailbox that that asks for no more flyers or local newspapers. (They cram a big wad of junk mail in the newspapers)

But I still get the crap in my PO box! So, I’m joining the Red Dot Campaign and sending a letter to Canada Post asking the to cease and desist with the admail.

This is one simple step I’m doing to help the environment (Yes, I know I sound like an advertisement, lol) and the unnecessary destruction of trees. To become part of this initiative go to:

But basically all you have to do is put up a sign on your mail box asking for no more junk mail. If it continues, you can print off a page and send it to Canada Post.  The website also has helpful hints on other ways to save paper and reduce unsolicited contact. Go take a look, its worth it!

My Bloody Valentine was great!


Yesterday my friend and I watched a remake of the classic Canadian horror “My Bloody Valentine”. ¬†I’m not usually big on remakes but since I haven’t seen the original and this movie is in 3-D, I HAD to see it! It was great! Lots of blood, guts and various weapons of destruction come flying at your face. If you’re into horror (and don’t mind watching some bad acting and weird plot twists. This movie was fun, but definitely not perfect), you should go and see it.

After the film ended, we went to Chapters so I could order some books. While waiting in line, I didn’t notice one of the sales clerks trying to get my attention. Some guy behind us let me know she was waiting for me so I went to order my stuff, but as I was doing so, I noticed him talking with my friend. After I paid I asked my friend what he said to her and she said he was upset that I didn’t notice the salesclerk trying to motion me over.¬†

The sales clerk was like 4’9, spoke very softly and was at the end of the line farthest away from us and he got mad that I didn’t see her? Somebody please extract the large stick that is stuck up this guy’s butt! I mean it was 6 pm on a Saturday at a Bookstore! Sheesh! People complain about stuff that matters, not petty shit like this!

What a tool!