Bus strike continues..


So after 30 days off the job and rejecting the City’s latest offer, the OC Transpo bus service is still on strike!  I’m sick of this crap! I’m tired of waking up at 5am and rushing out the door for carpool, sick of riding with co-workers who insist I be a rosy, sunshine, crackhead at 6am and am tired of the traffic that has clogged up each and every street! Seriously, OC, get off your self-righteous asses and get back to work! You have it better than most of us!

Oh and the City, declare the bus service essential already, because its our only mode of public transit here and the public is losing its patience!

The only silver lining from this whole debacle is that I don’t have to wait in the ridiculously cold weather waiting for the bus. But at this point, I’d give my left foot for that luxury!


5 thoughts on “Bus strike continues..

  1. Caffeinatrix

    sick of riding with co-workers who insist I be a rosy, sunshine, crackhead at 6am

    How can ANYONE be rosy and sunshine-y at that hour? Those are some sick, sick people 🙂

  2. hannah78 Post author

    Caffeinatrix-Indeed and its taken all my will-power not to smack ’em some days. 😛

  3. XUP

    Er, you’re gonna need your left food regardless. I feel much better since I vented all my OC Transp related spleen on my blog earlier this week. It kind of feels like I’ve resigned myself to never having buses again. It’s monumentally depressingd to have all your independence taken away like this, but it’s nice that everyone is united in their anger over this. (Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your comment. I’m always happy to find new bloggers — especially local ones. I’ll have to get you on the mailing list for an Ottawa Blogger Breakfast)

  4. hannah78 Post author

    XUP-You’re right I will need my left foot to kick André Cornellier’s in the rear! lol. Yeah its a terrible time for Ottawa, having our city hijacked like this by a very small man and an inept city council. Anyways, thank you for putting me on the mailing list and I look forward to future posts on your site.:)

  5. Jazz

    Problem with these strikes is that they don’t bother the bosses at all. None of them use public transit, and really what do they care if you’re “inconvenienced”. Basically, the bosses have no reason to settle, they’re saving lots of money this way.

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