My Bloody Valentine was great!


Yesterday my friend and I watched a remake of the classic Canadian horror “My Bloody Valentine”.  I’m not usually big on remakes but since I haven’t seen the original and this movie is in 3-D, I HAD to see it! It was great! Lots of blood, guts and various weapons of destruction come flying at your face. If you’re into horror (and don’t mind watching some bad acting and weird plot twists. This movie was fun, but definitely not perfect), you should go and see it.

After the film ended, we went to Chapters so I could order some books. While waiting in line, I didn’t notice one of the sales clerks trying to get my attention. Some guy behind us let me know she was waiting for me so I went to order my stuff, but as I was doing so, I noticed him talking with my friend. After I paid I asked my friend what he said to her and she said he was upset that I didn’t notice the salesclerk trying to motion me over. 

The sales clerk was like 4’9, spoke very softly and was at the end of the line farthest away from us and he got mad that I didn’t see her? Somebody please extract the large stick that is stuck up this guy’s butt! I mean it was 6 pm on a Saturday at a Bookstore! Sheesh! People complain about stuff that matters, not petty shit like this!

What a tool!


3 thoughts on “My Bloody Valentine was great!

  1. hannah78 Post author

    Miss Chris-You should! Its worth the cost of admission! (and that’s saying a lot considering how damn expensive the theatre is these days)
    XUP-True, he isn’t very useful. Maybe loser/pain in the ass is a better adjective.;)

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