My cat won’t let me blog!

So I was surfin’ other people’s blogs and about to write the most profound post on mine, when Marcus, my swarthy male cat, swooped in and started hogging the computer. It started with him watching me type…


which then led to him to try and make his own comments on “Making it Lovely”..


until finally he parked his body right on top of the computer and gave me a look like “what?”


Just be happy I got these pictures instead of a photo of his butt which is usually the view I get when he tries to superimpose himself between myself and whatever I’m doing at the time. Be it blogging, reading, eating..;)


19 thoughts on “My cat won’t let me blog!

  1. quackattack

    LOL – My dog, George, loves to paw at my laptop when I’m trying to type. Like, he absolutely MUST sit on my lap – forget about the rest of the couch.
    He’s a brat – and I wouldn’t want it any other way! 🙂

  2. ktikat

    Why is it that a cat always thinks everyone wants to have his butt in their face? Or a tail across the nose while I’m trying to eat cereal?

  3. XUP

    My Bazel is totally fascinated with almost everything I do. He watches me cook perched on top of the fridge. He watches me sleep, perched right next to my head. He likes to watch letters appear on the monitor perched on the keyboard. Get your own life, buddy!

  4. kerri

    My cat Starla is totally the boss of me. When I cook she insists on jumping up on my shoulders, when I read she gets between me and my book, and when I’m on my laptop she sits on the keyboard. I’m glad I’m not the only one whose live is ruled by their cat!

  5. Hannah

    Quackattack-George certainly sounds like a character. 🙂
    Ktikat- Its weird eh? People say cats are fiercely independent, well all evidence of their attempts to get attention says the contrary.:)
    XUP-LOL. Sounds like Bazel’s tired of watching the people/cars/birds go by in the window.

  6. Hannah

    Kerri-Oops! Sorry I didn’t see you there initially.:)
    No you are definitely not the only one ‘owned’ by a cat.;)
    Tired Prop-No problem. Your post was very interesting.

  7. Myriam

    Super Cute! My boy cat likes to get right on my lap and stretch on the keyboard as well. I end up with the laptop almost to my knees just to give him space and be able to do my thing as well.

  8. Jen G

    awww… what a cute kitty. who wouldn’t rather pet him than do just about anything else?

    couldn’t help but notice your nice little collection of bottles in the background…


  9. hannah78 Post author

    Jen G-He is cute and a great snuggler.
    Oh the stash of liquor bottles? Umm..I use them for baking..yes that’s it, baking desserts. 😉

  10. Ikigai

    Welcome to the blog world hannah (and thanks for stopping by mine). Katana is actually a web show and if you check out my post again, I link to it once in the post, and then through the ninja picture at the end. enjoy!

  11. hannah78 Post author

    Ikigai-I couldn’t see the video the first time I posted on your blog, but later I watched the preview online and it looks good. 🙂

    Tracy-LOL, he can be fun as well as a pain and clingy, but that’s part of the reason I love him.:)

  12. hannah78 Post author

    Jazz-Well maybe you should go to the Ottawa Humane Society or Petsmart (they get their cats from OHS) and pick one or two up! Plenty need loving homes. 🙂

  13. Jazz

    Hannah – well, I’d probably go pick up a cat here in Montreal rather than Ottawa… But. When the last of our cats died (we had 5 at the most), we realized that Mr. Jazz is somewhat allergic. He was so used to having his sinuses stuffed and a scratchy throat that he didn’t associate it with the cats.

    So, I have to get rid of him or do without cats. Since he cooks – and I’d have trouble finding a cat who would feed me, I guess I’m sorta stuck.

  14. Jobthingy

    LOL! one of my cats is an attention hog and when i am typing on MSN she will park it right on the keyboard.. mashing my fingers into the keys so people get jk’WE}jdfh’sof as a message… from her

  15. hannah78 Post author

    Jobthingy-LOL, your cat likes to use MSN eh? Yeah, they say cats are too independent, but I don’t believe it! 🙂

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