Sick Humor and Great Music-Good for what ails ya!

XUP was asking for suggestions as to what to do to speed up the negotiation process to end the transit strike. Well, here’s another idea.

I’m thinking this treatment for Andre Cornellier (He would be the mean, old man in the chair):

LOL. Man! I miss Fallout 3! Its been at some Microsoft-run-by-monkeys-warehouse getting fixed for the second time for the past 3 weeks! (They assured us it wouldn’t take this long, pfft! right!)

Anyways, to quench my geeky withdrawal and alleviate the stress of driving everyday in horrible weather and traffic, I’ve been listening to the music from the game. The music consists entirely of popular songs from the 30s-40s. For a taste, listen here:

Some other wonderful ones are here:

Great music makes the transit strike somewhat more bearable. Its hard not to smile when you sing the lyrics: “Bongo, bongo, bongo, I don’t wanna leave the jungle, I don’t wanna go-oooo.”


6 thoughts on “Sick Humor and Great Music-Good for what ails ya!

  1. XUP

    Wow – you’re scary. I’m going to try to remember never to get on your bad side and/or do it to the accompaniment of funky tunes

  2. hannah78 Post author

    XUP-Yes I have a definite morbid side and my “eevil” daydreams usually have some sort of funky, upbeat musical accompaniment. LOL.

  3. hannah78 Post author

    Prefers her fantasy life-That’s why I love it so! Stuff is dreary enough right now, I want to escape to happy, lighthearted music.:)

  4. XUP

    UPDATE: The city came back from a 4-hour meeting on the weekend with what they called a “substantial” change to their position. Details were not disclosed, but when reached for comment, union boss André Cornellier did not sound optimistic that the city’s new position would be enough to get a deal done.
    “Oh wow, ‘substantial,’ I can’t wait. I’m just drooling, I can’t wait to see what those are,” he said.

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