Post Groundhog Day and Monster Bread

Its early February, which means watching the Bill Murray movie “Groundhog Day”and enjoying this lovely scene. LOL. GOD! I love that movie! Yesterday, on the news, all the little marmots predicted six more weeks of winter. Boo!  Do you believe in this whole superstition? Because it seems like a lot of hooey to me. Of course there’s going to be more winter-I live in Canada and its the start of February! But people don’t really take his predictions seriously right? Oh and this morning, I saw on the weather network that we will be getting two glorious days of +9 C ! 9 degrees above zero! Can you believe it?  I guess I believe more in global warming than in Willie or Phil. 😉


Over the weekend, I managed to bake the largest loaf of bread known to mankind. The egg bread recipe called for 18 servings, which I thought was a lot, but figured me and my hubby would wolf it down.  My attitude changed, however, when the monster goo started to expand on my counter and then bake in my oven. Ah well, winter is the perfect time to bake bread and it went perfectly with the ‘way too spicy’ chili I made. (Yes, the bread was too big and the chili radioactive, so sue me! I’m not a Martha! LOL) Do you dear readers have any tried-and-true bread recipes you’d like to share?


13 thoughts on “Post Groundhog Day and Monster Bread

  1. XUP

    Sorry, I can’t share my bread recipes because the military has bought them to build weapons of mass destruction. I suck as a baker.

  2. hannah78 Post author

    The Tired Prop-Aww you’re making me blush! Oh..nope..its just the chili! 😉
    XUP-Hmm..perhaps the military would be interested in my cookies as well. LOL. I’m a decent baker but have the hardest time with the round little buggers!

  3. kerri

    That bread looks amazing! You can always freeze part of it for later.

    I love baking bread, though I don’t do it as much as I’d like. My favourite recipe is for no-knead bread. It takes a bit of planning (you have to start it the night before) but it’s worth it.

    I haven’t tried it yet but Smitten Kitchen recently posted a recipe for light wheat bread that looks tasty.

  4. hannah78 Post author

    Kerri-Thanks for the compliments and yes, I am considering freezing it. Thank you also for the recipes, I’ll have to give ’em a whirl!
    Prefers-I see. Well if you have any ‘Metamucil’ recipes, that would be appreciated by some readers too, I’m sure. 😉

  5. Robin

    Is that Challagh? It looks like it. I’ve always wanted to make it, maybe I should try it sometime. I have a great kugel recipe but not everyone loves kugel.

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