The Weekend, back on the bus and chewing gum

The weekend was o.k.-On Saturday I went to class and had a long chat with my instructor. Turns out the owner of the dojo will be selling the place, so  my teacher and I will have to find a new place to train. I offered my basement for the time being, although we’ll have to watch out for the couch, television, coffee tables, dog cage, random curious animal who wanders in, the post in the middle of the room oh and the low ceiling. So needless to say, its not an *ideal* training location and hopefully my instructor can find a local community center or school to teach in the future. Sunday, was spent grocery shopping and almost going postal from the crowds at the store. People drive those carts like their at a race track, I swear! Am I the only one who now finds groccery trips painful and beyond frustrating?

Oh speaking of grocery stores-Check out this ‘gem’ of a video.

It kinda reminds me of this video, which is for a flea market, which is “just like a mini-mall”:

Ah Youtube, I love you so, you provide hours of geeky entertainment! Well the buses are back and this morning, I got up and drove to the mall where I took the bus! Sure it took awhile and my butt went numb in the meantime, but it came! I’m considering doing the whole ‘park and ride’ thing more often, since I can take one bus from the mall which is much better than taking an express, waiting at another stop in the cold and then taking another bus.  While I was waiting, a woman from the CBC interviewed me!  I gave her the low-down on what’s been my morning schedule for the past 2 months and then when my bus finally came, kicked myself for not mentioning how much of a bitch this strike has been for my student-husband! Damn! Ah well.

In terms of the bus ride itself, the passengers were quiet and some were even..dare, I say it?…smiling!

Personally, I’m happy the buses are back but I’m still pissed at them and their toolbag union leader. People were nicer to them this morning then they deserved. I’m not advocating violence or anything, but smiles is not what they should be getting either for screwing us over for the past 2 months!

Anyways, change of topic, I have a strange hankering for “Dr. Pepper chewing gum”.


This stuff was sold for a brief period in the eighties and I remember chomping on it when I was about 7-years-old.  Did anyone else ever try this stuff? It was regular gum but with weird, liquidy ‘Dr.Pepper’ flavor in the middle.


6 thoughts on “The Weekend, back on the bus and chewing gum

  1. XUP

    I totally agree with you about the buses and the non-smiling thing. I could see some people were going out of their way to say hi to the driver, just to make a point. I can’t be bothered. I used to say good-morning and thank you when I left, but I’m over that. I don’t mean it anymore, so I’m not saying it.

    As for grocery shopping, though — I LOVE grocery shopping. I think I might start my own Personal Grocery Shopper business because so many people hate grocery shopping. Would you hire someone like me to plan your weekly meals and go get you the requisite groceries?

  2. hannah78 Post author

    XUP-Yeah, its like people just forgot that the bus union literally said they didn’t give a fig about the people of Ottawa. WTF?
    I would absolutely hire you for grocery shopping! 🙂
    Curiosity Killer-It was great! So bad for your teeth, but so yummy at the same time!
    Lost Artist-Glad I’m not the only fan of the stuff and your welcome for the videos. They are awesome! 😉

  3. Jobthingy

    those videos killed me

    um.. best time to hit the grocery store is late night fri or sat. ours is open here til 11 and ill head over there at 10 and its DEAD. its great.

  4. hannah78 Post author

    Those videos are indeed painful to watch! LOL. We sometimes go to the grocery stores late night and yeah it does tend to be quieter and therefore more bearable.

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