Valentine’s Day-Wants and Don’t Wants


Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and with it comes the flood of commercials and advice in newspapers and magazines with suggestions for the ‘perfect Valentines gift’. Since I love Valentines Day and love love, I’m going to give some of my own suggestions:

First the items that I really DON’T want and men in general may want to pass on:

1. Flowers-These pretty things die in less than a week, are sprayed with chemicals and some come from areas that use slave labor. Pass!

2.Hallmark Cards-Overpriced! Better to make your own.:)

3. Stuffed animals-particularly the evil ‘singing‘ ones. This might just be a personal thing, but I really, really don’t want any stuffed bears, cats, dogs, etc. holding cheesy hearts. These items are made overseas for 5 cents and then sold in Shoppers Drug Mart with a jacked up pricetag.  Unnecessary clutter, particularly since I’m up to my wazoo in stuffed animals already and have no need for holiday novelty ones!

4. Singing candy-grams-Nothing spells romance than embarassing the shit out of your significant other. Yeah, no thanks!chicforgallery

5. Overpriced jewelry (ie. gold, diamonds, rubies, etc.) Am I the only woman who does not want flashy jewelry? The only gold I wear is my wedding ring and it seems vain to wear much more than that.  Wearing that stuff is like walking around with a big ‘target’ on your forehead, plus most people don’t go to many super fancy events where this kind of decoration is appropriate. So, most expensive ‘bling’ (Egad! I hate that word) goes straight into either the safety deposit box or is shoved in some drawer.

6. Edible undergarments.  Just. Don’t. Ever. I’m going to go be sick now…

Next, the items that I think are BETTER and more meaningful:

1. Back/neck rub-And no, I’m not talking about the half-hearted wimpy back rub. I’m talking oil, a nice place to lie on, relaxing music and no complaining about how your hands hurt! LOL.  My posture sucks, so back rubs are VERY welcome! 🙂

2. Cleaning up the house or at least cleaning up after making a mess. Romance means not being someone’s maid or mother. 😉


3. Making your partner’s favorite meal and someone on the radio suggested “chocolate fondue and fruits” for dessert! Yeah, I could dig that!

4. Nice, hot, bubble bath with candles. Its cold outside,  hot baths are a great way to unwind.

5. A trip to the Caribbean! Hello sun, sand and margaritas! (Obviously, this is not something you can surprise your partner with every year, unless your last name is Trump, Hilton or Gates.  But I think its still a good suggestion!)

6. If you aren’t a lucky bum and are stuck in town, then get out and do something fun with your partner, ie. Bowling, indoor mini-putt, dancing (as pictured here, though pairing up in matching pink outfits is strictly optional;)), theatre, comedy club, etc.


7. Reminding your partner, in case its been awhile, how much you love and appreciate them. 🙂


So those are my tips, bear in mind they are from a woman’s point of view. Feel free to suggest your own, from your own individual point of view.:)

Pictures-“Porn for Women” by Susan Anderson

Cats-Bob Krugmire


22 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day-Wants and Don’t Wants

  1. Friar

    Sometimes I think Valentines day is a big conspiracy designed to make us guys look bad.

    Because face it…it’s all about MEN having to buy WOMEN gifts…not the other way around.

    But like you pointed out, it can’t be just any boring gift. Like flowers or candy…etc.

    No, the expectation is that it has to be a unique, thoughful, spontaneous gift. One that will be remembered forever.

    And we guys have to come up with new gift ideas like this, year after year, without repeating ourselves.

    It ain’t easy!

    But GOD FORBID if we don”t…!

    Argh. Talk about pressure.

    I’m currently single…and actually, I’m RELIEVED that I don’t have to worry about Feb. 14th. 🙂

  2. hannah78 Post author

    Friar-Yeah it does seem to put more pressure on guys doesn’t it? But I’d like to think my suggestions fly in the face of commercialized pressure and instead focus on SIMPLE things you can do for your partner. Also bear in mind that these suggestions are from the point of view of a straight female, if you have any suggestions from a man’s perspective, then feel free! 🙂

    Oh and women do in fact buy guys Valentines gifts, I know this because I do it every year too! 🙂

  3. Robin

    I am not a fan of expensive jewelry, never have been. My engagement ring is even a garnet, I don’t like diamonds. I do however love all cards, as long as they are thoughtful. I love anything from the heart and that makes me laugh, whatever it is.

  4. Amanda

    I’m not a big jewelery wearer, so that’s out. I don’t mind a hallmark card, but I don’t really care, either. I do like getting flowers occasionally as long as it’s not something overdone and horribly cliche like red roses.

  5. XUP

    I’m opposed to the whole idea of Valentine’s Day. Why should we earmark one day where you are forced to express some kind of love to your loved one? Why shouldn’t you always give each other a back rub when it’s needed? Or clean up after yourself? Or go dancing together just because you need or want a night out together. Holidays like this that are forced on us by some arbitrary card company or long-forgotten pagan ritual thing are ridiculous.

  6. hannah78 Post author

    aandjblog-Aww, thanks!:)
    Robin-Nice to see I’m not the only one who is immune to jewelry ads and I agree with your suggestion. The best things come from the heart and have humor.:)
    Amanda-Yeah, roses are clichéd and way overpriced!
    XUP-I agree that romance should be part of everyday life, but since many people don’t have time for that (Or they “claim” not to), it is kinda nice to have a reminder, in my opinion.:)

  7. kitkat

    I am totally with you! I do like flowers, but not on VD. It’s like, “Here are your perfunctory roses, wife.”

    As you mentioned, I like gifts we can both enjoy. A night out, a trip, something for the house…these don’t usually harbor any resentment or feelings of inadequacy because they’re gifts for yourself and for the other all in one. Unlike lingerie. For our last anniversary, we took a weekend trip to NYC. This VD we’re either going to a play or a hockey game.

    Now I’m off to see if that “porn for women” calendar is real.

  8. hannah78 Post author

    Raino-Back rubs and baths are great aren’t they? If more men realized that, they wouldn’t be so stressed about buying something big for Valentines Day!
    Kitkat-Arg! I know! No imagination-Its like “here is what the stores tell me I should buy you, so here you go!” Oh and that calendar is indeed real:

    Now you can look at hunks and give your hubby very unsubtle hints about cleaning up at the same time! 😉

  9. raino

    have a question for you! where is that photo of on your blog header? it looks like ireland! beautiful. now please don’t tell me it’s taken from your kitchen window or something like that cause i will be really jealous.. lol

  10. Lost Artist

    Ugghh, I second you on the over-priced jewels and jewelry. I’m so anti-diamonds it’s not funny. I am however, quite fond of the word “bling”. Although I use it mostly in reference to my pimped-out bedazzeled cell phone, as in “I got some sweet phone bling.” that’s completely serious btw. Anyway, good advice!

  11. Suzanne

    I love your Valentine’s article–so many fantastic and creative ideas. Very nice! Back rubs, chocolate fondue, indoor mini-putt, this all sounds like a really fun way to spend time together.

    I won’t say I don’t appreciate flowers (I do), I just like potted plants and flowers better, cause they don’t die immediately. I like jewellery, but toned down, silver stuff is more my interest, or really cool artist made pieces that are funky and unique.

    I don’t know what I’m doing for Valentine’s Day… no idea… guess I’m not that romantic *le sigh*

    Handwritten poetry is also nice ;-))

  12. olivia

    I’ve never been big on the Hallmark-y holidays — esp Valentines day. We don’t even buy each other b-day cards or Christmas gifts … :~)

  13. hannah78 Post author

    Raino-I wish that was the view from my kitchen! LOL. No, its just one of the many headers that WordPress offers for you blog.:)
    LiLu-Yeah, I would take 5 trips down South anytime!:)
    Lost Artist-Yeah, fancy jewelry is overrated. Your phone sounds neat though.:)
    JustJP-Indeed! tubs!
    Bearette-I’ll have to check out that “porn” book too!;)
    Sue-Hey, thanks for stopping by!:) I miss you! *hugs* Thanks for the compliments and I agree with you, funky silver jewelry is also more my thing as opposed to extravagant, gold stuff!:)
    Olivia-Wow! So what do you do for Valentines and Christmas instead?

  14. hannah78 Post author

    Olivia-Maybe more people should take your approach to the holidays. It would probably lead to a lot less holiday related rage.
    Tiana-Cool! I am considering buying one too!

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