My Jaw and its bad habits

littjaw040913I went to the dentist yesterday and his best guess was that it was a teeth grinding thing, so I will be fitted for a nightguard the week after next. He told me to keep taking pills if it bothers me but then quickly added “in moderation”. (Darn!:P)

Wearing a nightguard should be no problem, but there are some wickedly evil habits that I will also have to give up:

-Residual anger/resentment-I tend to be a grudge holder, which is a silly and counterproductive. This quirk of mine particularly comes out during certain times of the month and transgressions from 15 years ago randomly pop into my brain! Get over it? I’m trying damnit! LOL.

-Chewing gum-No more ‘Double Bubble’ watermelon/cherry/apple flavored crap for me or those sour gum balls you can buy in bulk at ‘Bulk Barn’. (My husband does this!)

-Caramel/Candy apples-These treats are murder for everyone’s teeth and jaws, but I swear those things call my name come Halloween time!;)


-No more mandibular nerve demos-This one goes without saying! I’m fairly tough, but if something causes me an extraordinary amount of pain, I’m smart enough to not fall into the macho act of trying to ignore it.

-Find ways to de-stress and try not to overreact to everyday annoyances and inconveniences. Personally, I think this whole jaw thing was aggravated by the whole ‘bus strike’ thing, but in life shit can happen, so its best to try and find coping strategies for dealing with stress.  I should also probably get back to using my Wii-fit again soon! Its been asking where the hell I’ve been..

One habit that I do hope to get back into again soon is eating crunchy, healthy foods-Carrots, apples, etc. Its not fun having the diet of a 90-year-old where practically everything is pressed into a fine mash. 😛

Jaw pic and cool article on new therapies to relieve jaw pain:

Caramel apple pic-


9 thoughts on “My Jaw and its bad habits

  1. Lost Artist

    I can totally sympathize. I put myself back in braces this past December and I’ve had to switch from carrots to applesauce as my regular lunch time side dish. Luckily, I’ve never been big on hard candy and gum, so I’m not out too much. I’ve also figured out little tricks, like instead of giving up tortilla chips, I just mash them up in a bowl and drown them in salsa so that they become a little bit mushy. Maybe try adding caramel syrup to applesauce to replace the candied apples?

  2. XUP

    Hey, maybe you have an OC Mandibular law suit? You were perfectly normal before the strike (I’ll be a jaw character witness for you if you like) and NOW look at you? A ruined shell of your former self… damn, I should have been a shyster

  3. hannah78 Post author

    Robin-Yeah, stress is definitely a factor. I’m also thinking of getting one of those stress balls that you squeeze at work. I think their filled with sand or something.
    Jobthingy-Chewing gum is indeed hard to give up, especially when it comes in so many yummy flavors! 🙂
    Lost Artist-You have to wear braces again? Oh man! That really sucks! I had to wear braces AND headgear for two years when I was 11 and it was beyond painful and humiliating! I think orthodentistry has evolved a bit since then though. Hope so. Your idea to add caramel syrup to apple sauce is a great idea!:)
    Dr.Monkey-You better stay away from them! LOL. Or else you’ll end up eating mush like me! 😉
    XUP-Absolutely! I’m sure the courts would side with us! Hehehe

  4. kerri

    My jaw is completely messed, it’s misaligned from getting braces in grade 4 and pops whenever I open it. I also tend to hold stress in my jaw and have had a few nasty episodes where it’s become so stiff and I could barely open it. Thankfully for the past few years, regular visits to my excellent massage therapist and chiropractor have been hugely helpful in keeping it under control. You might want to look into seeing a massage therapist to specializes in TMJ. Hope you feel better soon!

  5. LiLu

    Oh, I totally do this too. I wake up and my jaw ACHES, sometimes I even have a headache. I need to get off my ass and go get a mouthgard already!

  6. hannah78 Post author

    Kerri-Wow sounds like you have quite the history of jaw issues. I will look into massage therapy and see how it goes. Thanks for the tip!:)
    LiLu-I agree! Get thee to a dentist to get fitted for a mouth guard woman! 🙂

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