Doggie pics and trouble at the groomers

I took our puppy to the groomers this week, which isn’t a big deal for most people’s dogs, but for ours its the equivalent of sending her into a torture chamber. Selena-our dear doggy-is what you would call a big, fluffy chicken.

She’s scared of all sorts of things and suffers from what a trainer once called a “lack of self confidence”. We’ve been trying to work on that, but it can be challenging. Anyways, the last time I took her to Petsmart to get groomed, the groomers were not impressed. Turns out she wriggled, whined, howled.. oh and took a big dump right on the table. Lovely! But I figured, well maybe this time I’ll take her to a smaller place with less traffic so she will be less freaked out.

Wrong! She did all of those things(minus the crapping, yay! progress!) and it took TWO groomers to wash and clip her! When she was done and I went to pick her up, the owner told me she would not be grooming Selena again, because she didn’t want to risk possibly nicking her with the scissors. But, she did add, that I could work with our dog to get her more comfortable by simulating the grooming environment at home.  So, I will be brushing our dog on a counter top a bunch of times during the week to get her more used to it. Hopefully it will work because Cocker Spaniels need to be groomed!

Anyways here are the photos from her latest traumatic session.selhaircut1-feb09

The groomers I took her to are smokers so unfortunately she smells like cigarettes, but I do love the St.Patrick’s Day scarf they put on her.selhaircut2-feb09

If anyone has any other tips on getting your dog to relax a bit at the groomers or any good places that might accept a neurotic Spaniel, feel free to suggest them! 🙂


11 thoughts on “Doggie pics and trouble at the groomers

  1. raino

    she IS definately as cute as a button. she looks real soft. i am not too sure what to suggest – maybe ask the groomer or just keep at it and eventually she may come to LOVE it. who knows…

    she is darn sweet lookin’. good luck.

  2. hannah78 Post author

    Jobthingy-Thanks for the compliments (Or rather Selena says thanks!;)) I like cats too!
    Raino-Practice grooming will hopefully make her less of a spaz, but I don’t think she’ll ever love it. But that’s o.k. as long as she gets groomed in one piece, we’ll be happy! 🙂

  3. Jolee

    I don’t have any tips b/c I don’t want the responsibility of a dog, but maybe try the same things that work on humans… like alcohol and lorazepam. I have trouble keeping my house plants alive.

  4. hannah78 Post author

    Jolee-We’re thinking of giving her horse tranquilizers but knowing her, it probably wouldn’t work! 😉
    Lost Artist-Thanks! Selena sends lots of kisses your way!

  5. LiLu

    Ohhhh she is SO CUTE! I’m sorry I don’t have suggestions… not lucky enough to have a pup myself. Maybe let her have a little bourbon, like when a baby is teething? 😉

  6. Fantastagirl

    I’m thinking perhaps the groomer is right – practicing with her on a counter, might be helpful. Have you talked to your vet? Sometimes they can have some suggestions as well.

    NoSammyNo doesn’t require grooming, so I don’t have any good suggestions – sorry!

  7. hannah78 Post author

    Fantastagirl-No, we haven’t spoken to our vet about it, but the groomer also suggested talking to the breeder, so we might do that. Your lucky you get to skip out on the grooming part for your dog. (Though I do love how dogs look post grooming “torture”. lol)

  8. Tracy

    She smells like SMOKE? Because the groomers were smokers? Ewwwww! Did they blow smoke all over her? Or did their hands reek of smoke? Yick. You don’t want to take her there again anyway… so who cares if they won’t take her.

    I wonder if it would help her to be at home. Maybe you could find a mobile groomer? Maybe they would be willing to work in your home?
    Just a thought…

  9. hannah78 Post author

    Tracy-Yep, she smelled like smoke. Couple of chain smokers ran that place! Which I agree is gross and they should give it up! Mobile groomer eh? Hmm..I should look into that!

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