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Reason #33 why you shouldn’t go to work sick

I’m still sick and went to work and ended up moaning “Sunshine on my shoulder” while on a cold pill high, which got me lots of strange looks. LOL.

Hey, I’ve got to amuse and keep myself awake somehow right? Except, my version was less ‘rainbows and candy’ and more ‘zombies strolling around Wallmart lookin’ for brains and good deals’.

Why did I even come to work? Good question. I always hated people that come to work sick and yet there I was, plugging away. I have this weird complex about missing too much work that comes from my mother. Literally. Whenever I would take time off to recover, she would always berate me:

“Don’t take too much time off!”

So now, I’ve got her voice internalized and will only stay home if I’m really, really sick.  I always feel guilty for staying home, even when I have good reason.  Urgh!  Plus, there is the whole being young and saving up sick leave and worrying about what the boss thinks, which are other issues.

What are your feelings on the subject?


Sick…but made it to camp!

As predicted, the germs that were rudely blown on my husband have now taken residence in my system and I am now sick as well. In fact, I’ve been ill since late last week and what started out as feelings of thirst soon morphed into major chest congestion and is now a burning type of throat pain. Ugh!

However, despite feeling like crap, on the weekend, I still managed to make 24 cupcakes and make it to the cupcake camp without keeling over or killing somebody. Yay!

Sunday-the day of the camp-basically went like this. We waited in line to register my cupcakes. And once that was done, the cupcakes were photographed and put around a room:

cupcakecamp81Next, we went into a different room and waited,  quietly coughing in the corner until all the other bakers and ‘tasters’ descended on Jack Purcell Center like a horde of locusts:


It was so packed in there and with the lack of windows, breathing was challenging.  But then finally, the cupcakes started coming and there was a mad dash to be at the front of the tables to get one.cupcakecamp6

I was mainly interested in photographing my two creations-black forest and vanilla lime (featured at the back of the plate)- when it was their turn to be judged and eaten:cupcakecamp1

This was two seconds after the plate was dropped and already someone’s going for the cupcakes! LOL.

So that was my weekend, well apart from buying some more reading material and hacking up phlegm.  I’m going to go to bed now and dream of more cupcakes to make.:)

Great activities THIS weekend

I’ll be pretty busy this weekend. On Friday, I’m getting together with some gal pals of mine who I never see because A) We live on opposite ends of the city, B) Most of them have babies and C) Our schedules rarely match enough so we can all get together. 


On Saturday at 8:30pm sharp,  hubby and I will be participating in Earth Hour and I strongly encourage you to do the same! Together, we can break last year’s record!  If you’re not sure what to do during this hour without lights, here are some suggestions, taken from the official site and moi:
1. Attend a local Earth Hour event or organise your own by throwing an Earth Hour street party with your neighbours
2. Gather family & friends for a night picnic in your local park and look at the stars
3. Enjoy a family dinner by candlelight
4. Organise a treasure hunt in the dark
5. Take the dog for a night walk
6. Have a candle-lit bath
7. Sit in the dark and share stories
8. Organise a family night playing board games
9. Share a romantic night in with your loved one
10.Get ‘freakay’ with your partner. *cue sexy music* Bowchickabow!

Can you guess which suggestions is mine? LOL. 😉 We will also be turning off and unplugging most of our appliances since they obviously drain a lot of energy.

Lastly, on Sunday, we will be heading out to the annual “Cupcake Camp” being held, from 2-5pm at the Jack Purcell Community Center. I’ve registered as a baker, so don’t be shy to come by my area and sample some of my cupcakes.


No, these aren’t mine, I just liked the picture.:) This event is a good deal, because for $5, you can eat all the cupcakes you want. Cupcakes of all flavours, colours and sizes! Yum!

Picture from-

Frustration in potty training


For today’s animals, I’ve decided to vent some frustration on our dear dog’s potty training regression. During her first few months of life, we patiently praised her for going outside and accepted the odd accident, until finally she started doing her business outside. Success! Or so we thought. But now, at nine months, just when the weather is slowly improving, she has started peeing inside. WTH? We let her out about a billion times and she just stands outside the door, pressing her face against the glass, like in these two photos.


Yesterday, I let her out for a longer time than usual, hoping that eventually her bladder would win out and she would just pee in the backyard like she used to do. But nope, she just watched me with a sad look on her face and wouldn’t pee until I took her for a walk.  Urgh! So I’m going to email some dog trainers and see what they suggest. Selena, why can’t you pee outside like Jesse (my brother’s dog)?  He wizzes outside and look how happy he is!:


Anyone out there have any tips?

Today is the day..

wii-fit1..that I get back on the Wii! Come hell or high water, I will get back to the Wii fitness and work out for an hour today! I’m sure she (and you know the thing is female, what with all the nagging and questioning! LOL) will be pissed, but once she calms down, I’m sure we will be friends again.

No, not just friends, but best friends. I’ll tell her all about the donuts, café mochas, chips, poutine and baked goods that I’ve hoovered over the winter and she will shake her head, but congratulate me for coming back. I’ll also confide that the most exercise I’ve gotten since the dojo closed, has been the odd walk around the block with Selena and fiddling with my XBOX controller.  (No wonder that damn shirt was too small! LOL. No, I still maintain my opinion about the tiny dress sizes, because even when I was in the best shape of my life, many clothes were still too damn small!)

Have you guys been off the exercise horse for too long too? Or have you been good and pushing yourself to the gym every week?

The reason I’m finally getting off my ass, besides being sick of getting winded from taking one flight of stairs (Elevators can no longer be trusted!), is that I am tired of being tired. My middle-of-the-night insomnia has been with me for the past 3 months and I’m sick of looking and feeling like death warmed over.

I’ve tried every other ‘helpful’ tip-Avoiding food and drink late at night, maintaining a regular sleep-wake schedule, relaxing before bed, warm milk-and I still have disturbed sleep! The last possible solution is exercising. God, I hope I’m right!

Tiny clothes and violent entertainment

Damn its cold today! WTF Spring? WTF?  In better news-The weekend was good. On Friday, I saw my brother who was in town visiting for the weekend and for Saturday, I went clothes shopping and found the cutest, most adorable shirt. The only problem, it was SMALL!  I’ve got a beef with certain designers. Why do they make women’s clothes in sizes that would only fit an anorexic 12-year-old? Or this poor woman here: bones

This picture makes me want a burger and fries. Hmm, fries.

And the crazy part is I’m thin! It’s sick I tell ya! But, despite this setback, I did find some new jeans and a shirt. Woo!

When I got home, we watched ‘The Punisher’. No, not the older one with Thomas Jane and a extremely miscast John Travolta. (God! That movie sucked!)  The new one, with the scary looking British guy who actually looks like the protagonist from the comic. It was good-Very bloody, with some funny bad guy deaths, and the acting was decent. Although, I wouldn’t strongly recommend it, unless you are a geek like me and enjoy more accurate renditions of popular comic book characters. (Or you enjoy watching XMA douchebags get blown to bits, which in itself, was worth the cost of a rental. LOL)

The rest of the weekend was spent cleaning and running errands. Exciting!  Hubby wasn’t feeling very well on Sunday because some asshat sneezed on him on the bus. Literally! He sprayed his nasty germs on the back of my sweetie’s head. Now, I’m not a very violent person, but if you sneeze on somebody without even attempting to cover your mouth or don’t apologize if its an accident, you deserve a punch in the face. Think of it as the cost you pay for being an inconsiderate, gross asshole.

Now, where’s the Punisher when you need him?;)

I got stuck in an elevator!

So this morning, I got stuck in an elevator. Yeah, not fun. Particularly since it was a small elevator and is about 60-years-old. The guy on the emergency phone kept cutting in and out too and wasn’t the sharpest tack in the box. Our conversation went like this:

Me (After realizing my predicament): “Hello?”

Guy on phone: ” Emergency. Hello, bonjour.”

Me: “Yeah, I’m stuck in an elevator. The door won’t open and the thing won’t go up or down”

GOP: “So…you’re stuck in an elevator then?”

Me: “Uh YEAH!” (Duh!) 

GOP: “O.k. we’ll send someone right over. Please stay with me on the phone”

Then he hangs up on me or we get disconnected. I press the phone button again and again.

GOP: “Emergency.”

Me: “Me again!”

GOP: “You were supposed to stay with me on the phone”

Me: “I did. You hung up or we got disconnected.”

GOP: “Don’t hang up again”

Le sigh. Why would I hang up on the very people who are helping me? Cripes! Anyways,  a nice co-worker of mine who noticed the elevator door was stuck, hung out on the second floor talking to me through an elevator shaft.  Emergency, to their credit, was pretty quick about getting me out of there. When I got out, I went and explained what happened to my boss who was sympathetic and said:

“Well you should take the rest of the day off”

Me: ” Really?”

Da Boss: “No”.

Me (thinking) : ‘Damn’

LOL. Yeah, I am officially VERY ready for the weekend to start now.  I don’t think I’ll take any elevators on Saturday or Sunday though.