Dear Live 88.5 FM

Dear Live 88.5,

I like your radio station, I really do. Your dj’s are great and well informed and I enjoy most of the music you play (Except for Nickelback, Our Lady Peace and the odd rap/rock crossover band, all of which make me want to smash my radio!). However, I have a complaint-Is it entirely necessary to play the same songs over and over and over until I go insane?

Then you continue to follow this cycle with retards who call up and request the song you just played for the 20th time today!! WTF?!

Oh and those commercials-Y’know the ones for Bell where the guy screams into his phone! (“Me want speak human!!”) and the dumbass Conservative attack ads. (They’re threatening to force another election! Wow!)  Could you please stop playing those! I know their paying you good money, but I can do better. I’ll send you cupcakes and cookies, if you cease and desist with these insipid commercials.

Y’know one thing that you do that’s just super is that ‘Café Lounge’ thing on Sundays.  Finally we get some much needed diversity and the selections tend to be much better quality! Could you do that every day of the week?

So to sum up-Play the popular stuff, but not as often, pull the plug on the dumb ads and if you decide to stop playing Nickelback, I swear I will never listen to another radio station ever again! Deal?


4 thoughts on “Dear Live 88.5 FM

  1. LiLu

    I never understood why they do this. I mean, at some point it’s ENOUGH, no? I know people are calling in for it, but if they really want people to listen to their station all the time, you can’t just play the same 5 songs.

  2. hannah78 Post author

    LiLu-I never understood this phenomenon either! If I ran a radio station, I would mix it up a bit more. Expose people to some new-and sometimes-better bands!

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