The Case of the Expanding Cat

For today’s “Wednesday’s Animals“, I’ve decided to post some pics of Pumpkin-Our beloved, orange, female tabby. Pumpkin is a nice cat, not overly affectionate, but still nice. She has a problem, however, and that is her weight. When I adopted her from the Humane Society almost four years ago, she looked like this:hpim0269See how small she was? But shortly upon arriving into her new digs, she began eating..and eating…and eating. So now she looks like this:hpim1236Big, orange body with a small head perched on top. Now, I’m not a superficial, animal momma. I love my animals for their spirits, not what they look like, but she needs to lose some weight or else she’s going to have health problems.

We’ve tried cutting back her food and supplying her with more exercise, but she’s still tubby! Ah well, it could be worse, Pumpkin could look like this:

large_big-cat-foundor this:

internet-couch-hogLOL! I think this cat represents how I feel on this particular day.;) Blech! Ah well, happy Hump day everyone!


9 thoughts on “The Case of the Expanding Cat

  1. Jobthingy

    lol pumpkin is just a happy cat in her home 🙂

    have you tried weight loss formula food and mesuring out whatever it says on the bag?

  2. hannah78 Post author

    Raino-She does! That’s part of the problem! LOL
    Jobthingy-We’ve been giving her weight loss food for awhile now and started measuring her food. I think I’ll stop feeding her twice a day as they originally suggested at the SPCA.

  3. XUP

    I take it you feed her dry food? That stuff is very high in fat and calories sometimes – even the weight loss. We feed our cat canned food — lot of water fills them up — and then a teeny quarter cup of dry just for the teeth and because he loves it. He could still stand to lose a couple of pounds, but at least he’s not expanding anymore.

  4. Robin

    Oh scary haha. My cat aurora (of course the girl huh?) is getting a bit pudgy but still not so bad, I don’t know why but all the cats I’ve ever had have never had major weight problems. I think because we rarely do wet food.

  5. hannah78 Post author

    XUP-Hmm, I’ll try cutting back the dry and see what happens! Thanks!
    Robin-So you think wet food makes them chubby? Hmm..Maybe I should read the info on the sides of both wet and dry and see what we should cut back on.

  6. Eyeteaguy

    We adopted a cat that did the same thing, balooned.
    So we got another cat and that cat that forced his way to the dish first and ate it all. Problem solved. And the new cat is so active he is a lean mean purring machine.


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