People, what is with all the spitting?


Human and Camel-Separated at birth?

People are gross creatures-They have gas, they litter, some don’t bathe/wear deodorant, they speak while chewing, flushing is a foreign concept to some, many refuse to floss, washing clothing alludes far too many and some people still smoke! But as much as these habits bug me, there is one gross tendency that I’ve been seeing and hearing a lot of lately-Spitting! I work in an office that is directly across from the men’s bathroom(Lucky me!) and all I hear all damn day is men horking up loogies.  Sure it could be worse, but listening to people dislodge phlegm all day really gets on my nerves!

But I guess I should be grateful, at least they go to the bathroom to do it. In our last apartment building, which was occupied by far too many pigs, I rode an elevator with a man who appeared normal on the way down, but after arriving in the lobby, made the loudest, fuckin’ horking noise I have ever heard! I looked at him in utter disgust and he just gave me a blank stare. Is it too much to ask for just a modicum of decency in public? I’m no miss-manners, but at least I don’t make spitting noises that can be heard the next province over.

Anyways, if you have to spit, yes do it in a bathroom, but please do it quietly.

Camel pic-


9 thoughts on “People, what is with all the spitting?

  1. hannah78 Post author

    Robin-I know! Me too! I actually have to turn up my radio to muffle the sound!
    Curiosity Killer-Indeed it is gross and sucks that I have to listen to it. Men tend to let themselves go in all sorts of areas and of course I have to be right there when the do! LOL

  2. Linda

    I see a lot of it here as well as evidence of it on the streets. Disgusting habit, but then men do a lot of disgusting things.

  3. quackattack

    OMG – I know! This disgusts me too! I mean, honestly, what on earth makes a human being believe it’s acceptable to do that out in public?!?! I mean, the bathroom I can accept but like … onto the street??? Ew. Ew. Ew!

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