Goin’ to see Watchmen!


This will be a popular post amongst other bloggers, but whatever, I’m going to see “The Watchmen” tonight! One of the most hyped movies ever! We have the comic at home and my husband read it immediately upon purchasing it, but I..still haven’t gotten around to it! *gasp* I know, I should! But after that trip to Chapters, I was more focused on reading my new horror novels. It’s better in a way not to have read the comic before seeing the movie, because then I won’t be nitpicking the movie and ranting: “That’s not how it happens!” or “Who the hell is that character? He’s not in the book!”

Anyways, another comic I want to start reading is the “Preacher“. It came highly recommended by my brother who definitely reads his fair share of comics. LOL

cassidy Also, I really should really finish “The Walking Dead” series. I bought the first book and loved it, but was too damn lazy (and cheap!) to buy the next volumes.


What are your favorite comics?

Watchmen pic-http://www.dailygalaxy.com


6 thoughts on “Goin’ to see Watchmen!

  1. Jobthingy

    hmm..i have zero interest in comics whatsoever

    and had you have not said it was a comic i would have said ‘whats the watchmen’


  2. hannah78 Post author

    Seriously? You’ve never heard of the Watchmen?
    I’m not as big a comic book nerd as I COULD be, because its an expensive habit. But collecting one or two series can’t hurt right?;)

  3. mr. althouse

    I haven’t been into comics in years. I do remember reading the classics when I was a kid… Spiderman, the Fantastic Four, etc. I like it when they are made into movies, as so many have – but I rarely get to the movies either. Having said that, however, the Watchmen looks pretty good…

    Tanya sent me,


  4. XUP

    Comics? The last comic I read was Archie. And I also wouldn’t have heard of Watchment if we didn’t have a comic book nerd at work who’s been all giddy about going to see the movie.

  5. Will

    I only read Watchmen this past summer even though I have read a fairly large spread of comics, my friends were stunned that I hadn’t read it, and when I did it blew my mind, and when I saw it, yesterday I was happy.

  6. hannah78 Post author

    Mr.Althouse-Welcome! I like it when they are turned into movies too, as long as the movies stay true to the comics and aren’t awful.
    XUP-Ha! I used to read Archie too! I like comics, granted I’m not obsessed with them, but as previously mentioned they can be a nice escape!:)
    Will-The movie was great wasn’t it? I’m looking forward to reading the comic!:)

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