Depressing Tuesday


Today is depressing. Not sure if its the grey weather holding the proverbial, ‘Spring carrot’ from us or it could be reading this story first thing in the morning pre-coffee. After reading that article, my first thought is “WTF is wrong with people?”  I guess I’ve reached my limit for hearing about sexist, misogynistic, backwards places where this happens FAR too often! The punishment for the asshole who did this to her, didn’t satisfy me either, because as she mentioned he received painkillers before being blinded and she had to give up the financial compensation she received! But then again, I usually disagree with this ‘eye for an eye’  form of punishment. I think prison with very hard labor and a full apology with financial compensation from the perpetrator himself would be better.

This was another story that made me sad, even though the title is kinda funny. Why is it so depressing ? Well, it just made me think that maybe the monkeys are throwing things at people because their just plain fed up with living in a box where hairless apes gawk at them all damn day! I know if I was them, I would be planning a revolt! LOL.

“But they get free food and shelter and will probably live longer than out in the wild” you might argue.

But y’know what? Their wild animals and shouldn’t have to live in a prison cell for the rest of their lives, no matter how many free bananas they get out of it! I’m not against zoos per say, they’ve saved many species from extinction and provide rehabilitation to the sick and injured, what bugs me is that humans are rapidly forcing every other species to live in these man made structures so we can spread in number and kill their environments.

I just worry in the future there will be no more wildlife and forests, only concrete kingdoms and man-made parks and zoos. Does anyone else worry about this? Is there no way we can have a peaceful coexistance with animals?

Anyway, now for some happier news. The picture in this post is taken from This baby monkey was adopted by a white dove and now the two are inseperable.  Aren’t they a cute pair?


13 thoughts on “Depressing Tuesday

  1. hannah78 Post author

    Tired Prop-There are far too many reasons to be down, but you’re right, I shouldn’t let things get to me so much. I just worry about the state of the planet and everyone in it sometimes.

  2. Darrell

    Well, as much as I’m against misogynistic attacks on women I could never condone that kind of cruel and unusual punishment.

    What’s more, while they may seem to be vindicating women in this case – you have to remember that these are the same sorts of Sha’ria courts that sentence women to death by stoning for pre-marital affairs.

  3. hannah78 Post author

    Darrell-Its actually the first time that I’ve heard of a man actually getting punished in that court system. Most of the time its only the women who suffer. Its a horrible, primitive system for sure.

  4. raino

    i agree with you hannah. it’s rare to hear of a man getting punished. i say wtf were they thinking almost every day!

  5. hannah78 Post author

    Raino-Yeah, its disgusting to see how horribly women are treated in certain countries. I mean its the 21st Century! Hello?!

  6. XUP

    I don’t think you have to wait too long until there are no more wild animals. The majority of people don’t care that they’re pillaging the earth as long as they can keep driving their big cars and eating their juicy steaks and and buying lots of stuff at their mega malls. What’s a monkey ever done for us, right?

  7. get off my lawn

    The only I can see that will allow us to live in peaceful harmony with nature is to drastically change the way we live. Now. For the entire planet. I don’t see that happening unless the earth decides to wipe us out en masse. Maybe the monkeys will revolt. Perhaps they are just waiting for… a suitable leader?

  8. hannah78 Post author

    Darrell- 😛
    Jobthingy-Thanks. I’m a worrier, what can I say?:)
    XUP-Sad but true for many people. But some people still care, so we just have to encourage their way of thinking so that it spreads to everyone. Yeah, sounds like a lofty goal at the moment, I know.
    Get off my lawn-Humans change their bad habits far too slowly I agree and some still stubbornly and stupidly refuse to change!
    LOL, I could be the ‘Monkey Queen’! It could work. 😉

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