I am starving!

the-very-hungry-caterpillar-01I’m not sure what is wrong with me, but I am hungry ALL the time now! (And please don’t guess its due to pregnancy. My hubby reads this blog and I don’t want him having a heart attack! LOL.)

My typical day is like this:  Cereal and bread VERY early at 5 and 7am, then proceed to coffee or tea and more food at around 10am, then at 11:30, my stomach roars in hunger so I shovel down lunch which usually consists of a salad and pasta/sandwich/veggie pie. Then for the remainder of the afternoon forage like a rabid squirrell, consuming lots of snacks. When I get home, I prepare and eat dinner, wait half an hour and then ‘go to town’ on a dessert! Should be enough food right? But at the end of it, I’m STILL hungry and am watching TV fantasizing about deep frying the chocolates in our cupboard.

Hmm, deep fried goodness..I think I’ll buy some donuts when I get home or maybe some french fries..or onion rings…hmmm.:P

Picture-“The Very Hungry Caterpillar” by Eric Carle.


12 thoughts on “I am starving!

  1. Darrell

    Here’s how my day has gone:

    Wake up, have some eggs and toast before I get ready to go. Check my beautiful wife’s blog. Go to kitchen, get a brown paper bag and breath into it heavily for several minutes…

  2. quackattack

    Aw, “The Very Hungry Catterpillar”! That just brought a huge smile to my face! 😀

  3. XUP

    Well, from what I can see, you’re not having enough protein early in the day. Are you eating eggs, beans, fish? They are all excellent breakfast foods.Kippers for breakfast with some toast keep me going for hours. If you don’t eat after supper, you’ll be hungry enough in the morning to put away a hearty breakfast. Then a substantial lunch. Then something light for supper. It’s all a matter of retraining. Also, I don’t know if you’re working out/running?? That always adds to the hunger factor. (PS: I love Eric Carle)

  4. pinklea

    As I sit here chowing down on peanut butter scooped right out of the jar with a knife (and double-dipping!), with an opened bag of bread on the counter beside me, thinking about getting up to pour myself a glass of wine and contemplating making a caesar salad for dinner in about five minutes – Hannah, I have no idea what you’re talking about! 🙂

  5. hannah78 Post author

    Quackattack-Glad it brought a smile to your face. It is indeed a very cool book!:)
    Raino-LOL! I hope not!!
    XUP-No, I don’t eat a lot for breakfast because I usually don’t have enough time. But I’ll try to ‘choke’ down more eggs in the morning and see if it helps. (I’m not overly fond of eggs straight. Slimy, little buggers!)
    Pinklea-Hahah. You’re my kinda woman! Great, now I want caesar salad! 😉

  6. LiLu

    I’m the exact same way… snacks are my best friend. I do find that oatmeal keeps me full better than anything else in the mornings, though!

  7. raino

    hey hannah. may try to get to bruce pit saturday. will give you a check e-mail message if and when okay and perhaps you and the gang can join us??

  8. Catherine

    Ya know it seems when I feel I have so little control over everything else in my life is when I find myself binging for sweets – its terrible too – once I start its hard to stop myself – sugar is addictive me thinks!

  9. hannah78 Post author

    (Late response. Sorry!)
    LiLu-I should probably be making oatmeal ahead of time and eating at work. I like it extra thick, so it has the consistency of cement. My mom says its not good unless it “sticks to your ribs”. Freaky visual, but I think she’s right! 🙂
    Raino-Thanks for the the trip to the park!
    Catherine-Sugar is addictive! I tend to want sweets when I don’t sleep well the night before, which is 95% of the time.

  10. J.

    I feel like I eat alot too. Today alone, I’ve already eaten.

    – bagel & cream cheese
    – small handful of almonds
    – a quarter of my first lunch and then realized it was gross.
    – ate a salad for my second lunch
    – handful of celery
    – kiwi

    and I haven’t even had dinner yet!!

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