More cupcakes and dogs

The weekend was good-Wonderful 6 degrees and sunshine! On Saturday, I used my parents larger kitchen to make more cupcakes. This time the cupcakes were black forest. They turned out well, but the icing(buttercream) was too sweet, so I’m going to try and use whipping cream next time and hopefully it will taste great and not melt.cupcakes

On Sunday, Raino and I got together at the fabled “Bruce Pitt Park”, which is like Canada’s Wonderland for dogs. A nice big chunk of land, with open fields and trees.  There were dogs of all kinds everywhere-running, jumping, arguing, playing, slobbering. It was so cool! I wish I discovered this place earlier! Here are some pictures from the park:


Here’s one of Raino’s super cute boxer, Molly:


Look at that face! Here’s one of Selena meeting some new friends:

brucepitt6And here we are walking into the wooded area at the back:


And here’s another doggy pic:

brucepitt10and another:


and lastly, here is Molly playing with a white boxer who was there. That same white boxer drooled on my hat while saying hello to me. LOL


Man! I post so many pictures of animals and cakes on here, I should rename this blog “Sweet treats and furry beasts”, but then who knows what kind of people would end up reading it? 😉 Hehehe. Anyways, that was my weekend and Raino and I are hoping to go to Lansdowne for our next puppy playdate. Anyone in the Ottawa area interested in tagging along when we do set a date?


8 thoughts on “More cupcakes and dogs

  1. raino

    it was so fun! thanks for the puppy date hannah. yeah, wouldn’t it be cool to meet up with a bunch of the ottawa bloggers! no need to own a dog tho….i will lone you mine for a while. hee hee
    thanks again hannah! selena is gorgeous. unfortunately the only one i have of her to post on my site has YOU in it and well, y’know.

  2. hannah78 Post author

    Robin-You’re trying to avoid bread and sugar? That sucks! I could not stay away from these evil carbs. 🙂
    Quackattack-We did! Thanks!
    Raino-Yeah, I probably shouldn’t limit it to dog owners. Anybody who likes dogs and is located in Ottawa is welcome to join us next time! Aww, that’s too bad you got me in that picture. Next time, hopefully you can just get Selena in the shot.:)

  3. olivia

    Oh my goodness — your pups are wonderful! LOL, I’ve driven by Bruce Pitt but have never stopped there … no dog … 😥


  4. hannah78 Post author

    Olivia-Do you know anyone who wouldn’t mind if you borrowed their dog? Because the place is great and you should experience it at least once!:)

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