No Green Beer for me!

green20beer2It’s St. Patrick’s Day which means lots of tacky ties and hats, green beer, drunken tomfoolery and ol’ Irish ditties. But not for me. Today, my brother is in town and we’re celebrating his birthday two days after the actual day. 🙂

This suits me fine, because A) I’m not really Irish and B) I have a headache today and C) I would rather hang out with my family and our canines.

But for everyone else, celebrating this day, have fun, don’t drink too much and please for the love of all that is Irish, don’t wear shamrock suspenders! They don’t look good on anyone!



11 thoughts on “No Green Beer for me!

  1. Aleta

    I’m wearing a necklace I made for St Patrick’s day, does that count? Lol. Much nicer than those suspenders, whew!

  2. LiLu

    I am going to spend my lunch break trying to find a pair of those suspenders to wear tonight, JUST FOR YOU! 🙂

  3. hannah78 Post author

    Aleta-The necklace sounds much nicer! Are you going to post a picture of it on your blog?
    Pinklea-Darn you! Now I want Irish coffee too! 😉
    (also to take the edge off, of course!)
    LiLu-You are an evil, evil girl! LOL.

  4. Darrell

    I have a class tonight, but I think I’ll get a green beer or two afterwards.

    I was reading yesterday that in the late 19th century in the town of Newboro (which is on the Rideau river system), Irish workers on the Rideau canal were celebrating their patron saint when one of them got up and said ‘it’s 10:30 on St. Patrick’s day and not a blow has been struck!’ He proceeded to punch the person nearest to him, and set off a riot that had to be quelled by a charge from the British sapper regiment stationed at the construction project.

    Hopefully my night doesn’t turn out like that.

  5. Friar

    Considering the proportion of the planet that it occupies and it’s population of ~ 4 million, I think Ireland is WAY over-represented in our popular culture.

    We should have St. Casmir Day (for Poland). At least THAT country is a bit bigger!

  6. hannah78 Post author

    Raino-Did you wear them yesterday?
    Darrell-That story highlights one of the reasons I’m not so big on celebrating the day in a bar. 😉
    Marie-LOL! I know they are being featured on runways in Milan right now, but you must resist!
    Friar-The reason why St. Pat’s is so celebrated is because of all the Irish descendents in North America. I don’t see anything wrong with them being proud of their ancestry. However, there are other groups who are also numerous here, who’s holidays aren’t as highlighted, so I agree there should be more props to them as well.
    Just think of all the tacky merchandise that could have “St. Casmir Day” on it! 😉

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