Naughty doggies and the seal hunt


For today’s Wednesday’s Animals, I’ve got a solitary picture of my brother’s mixed black spaniel Jesse.  Jesse is a nice, smart dog who is obsessed with the yellow and black soccer ball featured above. Once you start throwing him this ball, he will fetch and retrieve over and over until your arm falls off!

Last night the dogs were  crazy; Jesse was protective over his ball so if Selena came close he would growl and bark at her and one of my parents basset hounds gave me attitude when I tried to stop him from sticking his face up on the kitchen counter! Plus the fact that Selena is regressing in terms of potty training and now pees on the floor! Argh! I love animals but sometimes they make me nuts!


Late edit to this post-Bill-S-229- the bill that could end the seal hunt in Canada is under threat and needs your support! Please click on the link below, fill in your information and click to send to your province’s Senators:

For more info, go to the IFAW site:


11 thoughts on “Naughty doggies and the seal hunt

  1. hannah78 Post author

    Olivia-If he focused any more on that ball, he would have burned a hole in it! LOL
    The Tired Prop-His love for his toy wasn’t what made him naughty, it was his aggression as a result of this love. But I do envy his ability to enjoy the simple things in life! 🙂

  2. XUP

    I think there must have been a full moon or something last night. My cat was totally insane last night, too. Running like he was possessed back and forth all around the house, up and over the furniture, wrecking stuff, jumping on stuff; trying to get me out of bed at 3:00 am. He finally went to sleep around 4:00. This seems to happen every so often. I’m sure it’s moon related.

  3. hannah78 Post author

    XUP-You might be right about that! It could also be the ‘early Spring cabin fever’ that is spreading like wild fire! 😉

  4. hannah78 Post author

    K@BlogGoggles-Unfortunately it does and you should definitely check out that link. It explains the issue much better.:)

  5. LiLu

    Thank you for this. I want a dog so badly it hurts, but reminders like this help me remember that I just don’t have the time/energy/money for one right now.

    Off to your seal hunting link…!

  6. hannah78 Post author

    LiLu-Its funny how much time/energy/money dogs require (also patience! LOL), but once you get to a place where you can afford a dog money and time-wise, there is no greater companion! (Next to a cat of course!)
    Raino-And not just a spaniel, but a half cocker spaniel. 🙂
    CuriosityKiller-Pfft! Dogs (and cats!) no question! Fur babies are a pain, but at least they don’t A)Argue with you in words you can understand, B)Require an education that costs thousands of dollars and C) Bring “sketchy” dates home and steal your car. Plus, dogs love you unconditionally, whereas with children, there is no such guarantee!

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