Personal Beliefs and arguing


After sending off a quick email inviting others to oppose the seal hunt, I received a barrage of various viewpoints on the issue. Some argued against my anti-seal hunt stance  while others agreed with me and it made me realize just how fiery and complicated this issue is. I looked at the facts and decided to be “anti” seal hunt, however, at the same time, I do understand the viewpoints of those who are for it.  It’s a tricky issue and while I don’t plan on changing my opinion, I think I will focus my attention on beliefs that I feel more strongly about, like:

1. Marriage is a right that should be awarded to all consenting adults; regardless of sexual orientation.

2.The Pope is a dumbass who lives in a “magical land” where condoms cause AIDS, homos are evil, abstinence is realistic for everybody, you’re nobody until you’re married, women should stay at home and that and that as a rich old man in a fish hat, he can therefore tell millions of poor people how to live their lives.

3. Global warming is real as is human overpopulation and steps to remedy these situations should have been taken yesterday!

4. All dogs and cats should be spayed and neutered, as well as loved and treated well by their owners.

5.Human interference in wildlife, though activities such as the exotic pet trade, hunting, poaching, etc. needs to stop

6.The government has an ass-backwards approach to issues like the environment, crime and animal welfare.

7. The arts should be given more funding and respect by the Canadian government

8. If a movie was done right the first time-*cough Karate Kid!*-then there should be no half-baked attempts at remaking it. (There are only a few exceptions to this rule)

9.  The impending Limp Bizkit reunion is a sure sign of the apocolypse

and lastly 10. This is the best commercial ever made! Period. LOL

 The blond boy is a loooo-sah!


11 thoughts on “Personal Beliefs and arguing

  1. hannah78 Post author

    Dr.Monkey-Perhaps it does mean you are me..woah! cue *twilight zone music*
    Wandering Coyote-I can’t be indifferent about Limp Bizkit. Their music is just so bloody awful! LOL

  2. Lost Artist

    Wow. 1-10 . . .It’s like you can read my mind. And I’m totally against seal hunting. Totally. And, not that ugly animals deserve to die or anything, but seals are way cute.

  3. raino

    not sure how many years ago that video came out but my girls were old enough to speak and would walk ’round the house (and their grampas, i might add) saying ‘the blond boys a loooo-sah’…oh and couldn’t agree with you more on all of your points! you should be the next prime minister, or maybe even replace little stevie now!? lol

    p.s. try to convince hella stella to meet up for a puppy date!

  4. hannah78 Post author

    Lost Artist-Personally, I’m not big on any animals getting killed unless absolutely necessary, but that’s just me. But yes, I do agree with you, seals are way cute. 🙂
    Green Grrl-Glad to make you LOL.:)
    Hella Stella-He is a dumbass isn’t he? Absolute power through religion=absolute opportunity to fuck up the planet even more.
    Raino-You clearly have the best daughters on the planet! LOL. I love Jon Lovitz. He’s coming to town, but at $55 a ticket! Ouch! I wish more politicians were devoted to my points.
    P.S. I asked Hella Stella about a possible dog meetup in April. Would you be free in early April as well?

  5. Pearl

    yep, agree with most of that.

    4 won’t get complete compliance so the species won’t end. (whew)

    No idea what Limp Bizkit is but I’m getting a Toad the Wet Sprocket sort of idea. One of them oldfangled musical thingees, eh?

  6. raino

    sure ! the 4th or 5th of april work for me. the following weekend is easter weekend i believe so probably best to stay away from that one. do you think the 4th or 5th would work. let me know!

    p.s. yeah, the ladies are pretty great girls y’know. i made ’em!!!

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