Back to the “master”

cultNo, this isn’t some kinky, S&M post (I can hear the awwww’s already! Perverts!;)) rather its a short blurb on my second trip to the seemingly innocuous “Green Earth” restaurant. Turns out the place is owned by a cult and the cult is headed by a Vietnamese woman who is  the “supreme master” and allegedly has direct contact with the big guy upstairs.  (Maybe she can tune him in with all the gawdy jewelry she wears)

My coworkers and I organized an informal lunch at this place last week after I raved to them about the food from my first visit.  But then this morning, I checked XUP‘s blog  and find out that the place is owned by a cult. Great. You’re probably wondering how I didn’t notice this the first time. Well, on my first trip there, I was tired and the restaurant was filled to the brim literally with every vegetarian hippie in the general Ottawa area. I spent so much time willing my headache to cease, trying to stay awake and meet some new friends, that I failed to notice all the pimping of religious wares on the television as well as the artwork that had small cards that read “Created by the Supreme master”. LOL.

But despite the weirdness, our lunch today was pretty good and we in case you were worried,  no we didn’t drink the kool-aid. Though there was an older man there who was a bit too enthusiastic about giving us water refills. Hmmmm….


4 thoughts on “Back to the “master”

  1. XUP

    Darrell claims he knew exactly what the place was all along. I don’t know why he wouldn’t share that with the rest of us. Too creepy for me — especially when there are other legitimate and delicous veggie places to eat

  2. hannah78 Post author

    XUP-Maybe Darrell wanted it to be a “surprise”. LOL. He’s sick that way. (Hence why I love him!;))
    I admit the discovery has put a damper on my enthusiasm for the place, I mean I don’t want to indirectly give more money to this idiot woman so she can buy more jewelry, destroy more American parks (look her up in Wikipedia. She’s a big, fat hypocrite) and lead more sheep to certain ruin. Apart from the Green Door, what are some other vegetarian places you recommend?

  3. XUP

    I’m sorry I ruined your new favourite restaurant for you. The Table is good, too. And most ethnic restaurants have great veggie options. I love Vietnamese (the ones on Somerset are all pretty good)- the sauces are usually on the side, the veggies are all fresh and crisp and lots of tofu. Mediterranean is always good. There’s a place in the market that I really like. There’s a vegetarian Thai restaurant on Bank Street – Sacred Garden that’s kick ass (you might want to stay away from the vegetarian “shrimp” though. They look like shrimp, feel like shrimp and taste shrimpier than real shrimp — you either love them or hate them. I hate them). Carribean Flavours has awesome roti, some tofu dishes like jerk tofu and even some tempeh dishes. Be very careful to order extra extra mild though. Seriously. I can take spicy, but even their mild is deadly.

  4. hannah78 Post author

    XUP-I should actually probably thank you for letting me know where my money was going. LOL.
    Thanks also for the list of suggestions. I am DEFINITELY trying the jerk tofu! It sounds great!:)

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