I got stuck in an elevator!

So this morning, I got stuck in an elevator. Yeah, not fun. Particularly since it was a small elevator and is about 60-years-old. The guy on the emergency phone kept cutting in and out too and wasn’t the sharpest tack in the box. Our conversation went like this:

Me (After realizing my predicament): “Hello?”

Guy on phone: ” Emergency. Hello, bonjour.”

Me: “Yeah, I’m stuck in an elevator. The door won’t open and the thing won’t go up or down”

GOP: “So…you’re stuck in an elevator then?”

Me: “Uh YEAH!” (Duh!) 

GOP: “O.k. we’ll send someone right over. Please stay with me on the phone”

Then he hangs up on me or we get disconnected. I press the phone button again and again.

GOP: “Emergency.”

Me: “Me again!”

GOP: “You were supposed to stay with me on the phone”

Me: “I did. You hung up or we got disconnected.”

GOP: “Don’t hang up again”

Le sigh. Why would I hang up on the very people who are helping me? Cripes! Anyways,  a nice co-worker of mine who noticed the elevator door was stuck, hung out on the second floor talking to me through an elevator shaft.  Emergency, to their credit, was pretty quick about getting me out of there. When I got out, I went and explained what happened to my boss who was sympathetic and said:

“Well you should take the rest of the day off”

Me: ” Really?”

Da Boss: “No”.

Me (thinking) : ‘Damn’

LOL. Yeah, I am officially VERY ready for the weekend to start now.  I don’t think I’ll take any elevators on Saturday or Sunday though.


17 thoughts on “I got stuck in an elevator!

  1. Aleta

    I love the part where the emergency guy tells you not to hang up on him. LMAO – I’m sure he was the one to put the receiver down. I’m glad you’re out of the elevator, maybe you can fake post-traumatic syndrome to your boss? hehe

  2. Linda

    I don’t think I’ve ever been stuck in an elevator for longer than a minute or so. I’m sure it could be very traumatic. Too bad your boss didn’t think so.

  3. hannah78 Post author

    Aleta-I know! What a numb-nut! Was it his first day on the job or something?
    Linda-Well I was alone so it sucked a little less. If I was stuck with a large group of people, however, it would’ve been VERY uncomfortable for me, since I hate crowds.

  4. JoLee

    I like the smart assedness (i totally just made that word up) of your boss and kudos to the nice coworker who talked to you. Were the lights out in the elevator? I don’t think I would have been able to handle being stuck in there with the lights off. I still leave the bathroom light on…. I’m 28.

  5. pinklea

    I’m not super-comfortable in elevators at any time, but to be stuck in one , even for a short time, would likely freak me right out. I must have a touch of claustophobia to go along with my fear of heights …

  6. Jocelyn

    I got stuck once for 45 minutes in an elevator in Vienna. I like “telling that story” because I pretend I sound glamorous.

    Anyhow, I had to pee the whole time. All I could do was distract myself by singing show tunes.

  7. hannah78 Post author

    JoLee-Da Boss and I have that in common (smart assedness) ;). The lights were on, but it wouldn’t bother me too much if they weren’t, since my coworker was there for comfort. Don’t feel too bad about being afraid of the dark, plenty people are. I used to be, but now, I enjoy it and now shun the light. Just call me Nosferatu! 😉
    Pinklea-It is a rational reason to freak out, because you never know how long you’ll be stuck in one. I also kept worrying about the elevator cables breaking. (I think I’ve seen too many ‘Die Hard’ movies. LOL)
    Jocelyn-If being stuck in an elevator in Vienna isn’t glamorous, I don’t know what is. 😉 Which show tunes did you sing?

  8. Nat

    I’d have been having a meltdown by then… I got stuck for about a minute when I figured out the doors would open….

  9. hannah78 Post author

    Jobthingy-15 years and no elevator problems? You’re lucky! I hope the trend continues.:)
    Robin-LOL! I would’ve done that, but it might have confused my coworker.
    Nat-Yeah its pretty nerve-wracking. Being stuck for a minute is not too bad though.

  10. Pearl

    When hubby got stuck in an elevator, the guy on phone said, let me just confirm you’re on Spadina Street, Toronto right?

    No, downtown Ottawa.


    Luckily it only took a half hour to get out.

  11. LiLu

    This happened to my boss a couple months ago… who is COMPLETELY OCD and claustrophobic. Seeing as I hated him, knowing he was totally freaking out was kind of hilarious…

  12. raino

    don’t hang up again?! can’t believe he’s being like that with a person stuck in an elevator!

    jeesh, glad you finally got out.

  13. XUP

    Aside from never having been called for jury duty, I’ve also never been stuck on an elevator (see stuff that has happened to most people by a certain age)

  14. hannah78 Post author

    Pearl-Oh no! LOL. That could have taken forever! Glad it didn’t take too long.:)
    LiLu-LOL. Sounds like he had it coming!
    Raino-Yeah, he was a nitwit but I got out. I saw a show about a guy who was stuck in one all weekend!
    XUP-Lucky you! But you never know, it could still happen!

  15. Hella Stella

    My friend Mark was stuck in an elevator once, and the emergency guy accused him of jumping. He claimed the elevator would NEVER have gotten stuck if Mark wan’t jumping around in there… What an ass!

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