Tiny clothes and violent entertainment

Damn its cold today! WTF Spring? WTF?  In better news-The weekend was good. On Friday, I saw my brother who was in town visiting for the weekend and for Saturday, I went clothes shopping and found the cutest, most adorable shirt. The only problem, it was SMALL!  I’ve got a beef with certain designers. Why do they make women’s clothes in sizes that would only fit an anorexic 12-year-old? Or this poor woman here: bones

This picture makes me want a burger and fries. Hmm, fries.

And the crazy part is I’m thin! It’s sick I tell ya! But, despite this setback, I did find some new jeans and a shirt. Woo!

When I got home, we watched ‘The Punisher’. No, not the older one with Thomas Jane and a extremely miscast John Travolta. (God! That movie sucked!)  The new one, with the scary looking British guy who actually looks like the protagonist from the comic. It was good-Very bloody, with some funny bad guy deaths, and the acting was decent. Although, I wouldn’t strongly recommend it, unless you are a geek like me and enjoy more accurate renditions of popular comic book characters. (Or you enjoy watching XMA douchebags get blown to bits, which in itself, was worth the cost of a rental. LOL)

The rest of the weekend was spent cleaning and running errands. Exciting!  Hubby wasn’t feeling very well on Sunday because some asshat sneezed on him on the bus. Literally! He sprayed his nasty germs on the back of my sweetie’s head. Now, I’m not a very violent person, but if you sneeze on somebody without even attempting to cover your mouth or don’t apologize if its an accident, you deserve a punch in the face. Think of it as the cost you pay for being an inconsiderate, gross asshole.

Now, where’s the Punisher when you need him?;)


14 thoughts on “Tiny clothes and violent entertainment

  1. XUP

    The price you pay for public transit. I try very hard not to think about all the bacteria I pick up touching anything on a bus or even breathing the same air as people on a bus. Yuck, yuck.

  2. hannah78 Post author

    XUP-While you certainly can’t fault others if you pick up germs from touching bus seats/poles, etc., I don’t think its too much to ask that people try to act with just a tiny bit of consideration and cover their mouths if they have to sneeze.
    Who wants to towel off after every bus ride and get sick?

  3. Kal

    don’t forget that angry gay fasionistas and bitter old women run the fashion industry and women hate women…same reason you should never have a woman cut your hair…find a man because men love women…gay hairdressers especially love women

  4. Linda

    It’s really depressing in France. I have to find my clothes made for the really big people. I feel really large here. That is one skinny, anorexic model.

  5. Darrell

    To be fair, the guy on the bus did cover his mouth – he just didn’t do a very good job of it. The result of this half mouth cover was simply to redirect the full brunt of his cough into the side of my face.

  6. raino

    yeah, i’m sure he covered his mouth with his hand and then grabbed one of the bars on the bus! gross, gross, gross. i think everyone would be much safer if y’all run out and buy yourselves a good quality scooter! jeesh. and yeah, that girl just does NOT look good OR healthy damnit! glad to hear you got new duds.

  7. pinklea

    I cannot seriously believe how sizes keep changing – never mind from manufacturer to manufacturer, but also season to season from the very same company! It’s got to be a conspiracy to keep women feeling insecure about themselves so that we keep on buying (they hope!) clothes in the vain attempt to finally look great. Can they not standardize sizes at least???

  8. Marie

    The picture of that girl makes me want to feed her burgers, fries, donuts, pancakes and 15 cupcakes. God I hope she doesn’t think she’s attractive like that.

    I would have smacked the person who sneezed on me. So inconsiderate.

  9. hannah78 Post author

    Kal-I seriously think that some designers want to punish us and our burger and donut eatin’ ways! LOL
    Linda-I could imagine its worse in France and many other European countries. Sad how many women actually look like that picture and still think their fat!
    LiLu-Yeah, according to some designers I’m a medium or even a large! WTF? I’m 125 lbs!
    Darrell-Oh! O.k. I thought he just let loose the first fit in your face. Still, he should buy some kleenex.
    Raino-I wish more people used scooters, it would certainly help the environment.
    Robin-Me too! Mumu’s for everyone! 😉
    Pinklea-Seriously! They should standardize the sizes. I think designers live on a different planet then the rest of us though.
    Marie and Leah-She’s probably photoshopped. I’ve seen other pics of her and while she’s bony, she’s not quite that bony. But I have seen models who starved and purged to get that look. They’ve got all this money and designers insist they waste it by wasting food! Stupid!

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