Today is the day..

wii-fit1..that I get back on the Wii! Come hell or high water, I will get back to the Wii fitness and work out for an hour today! I’m sure she (and you know the thing is female, what with all the nagging and questioning! LOL) will be pissed, but once she calms down, I’m sure we will be friends again.

No, not just friends, but best friends. I’ll tell her all about the donuts, café mochas, chips, poutine and baked goods that I’ve hoovered over the winter and she will shake her head, but congratulate me for coming back. I’ll also confide that the most exercise I’ve gotten since the dojo closed, has been the odd walk around the block with Selena and fiddling with my XBOX controller.  (No wonder that damn shirt was too small! LOL. No, I still maintain my opinion about the tiny dress sizes, because even when I was in the best shape of my life, many clothes were still too damn small!)

Have you guys been off the exercise horse for too long too? Or have you been good and pushing yourself to the gym every week?

The reason I’m finally getting off my ass, besides being sick of getting winded from taking one flight of stairs (Elevators can no longer be trusted!), is that I am tired of being tired. My middle-of-the-night insomnia has been with me for the past 3 months and I’m sick of looking and feeling like death warmed over.

I’ve tried every other ‘helpful’ tip-Avoiding food and drink late at night, maintaining a regular sleep-wake schedule, relaxing before bed, warm milk-and I still have disturbed sleep! The last possible solution is exercising. God, I hope I’m right!


13 thoughts on “Today is the day..

  1. Amanda

    I was so psyched about the Wii Fit. We reserved one, and I went to go get it the day it came out. I used it for about a week and have not looked at it since

  2. J.

    I have to say, that i’ve been good lately. Recently, A. is getting in to squash, so this means for gym time for me too. I’m pretty happy about it.

  3. hannah78 Post author

    Amanda-Almost the same scenario with us, except my mom-in-law waited in line to buy us one for Christmas and my birthday. Man, I feel guilty! But as mentioned, come hell or high water..
    J.-My hubby was interested in squash awhile ago. Is it difficult?

  4. Beth

    Me and Advil PM…Best Friends. I like it better than my old friende Tylenol PM. He got boring…ya know how it is. Ya gotta change it up a little!!!

  5. quackattack

    I’m back to the gym tonight after a three-week hiatus … I blame the first week on a cold, the second on pre-vacation stress, and the third on vacation … thankfully I didn’t go hog wild while away … and will be happy to get back to work!

    Sadly, the simple formula works: less food in, more exercise out … there are no easy outs. Maybe that makes all the hard work all the more worth while?

    Good luck! 🙂

    Oh, and seeing a chiropractor and wearing my bite guard at night have helped me sleep better, fyi.

  6. Darrell

    I think my particular brand of insomnia is the ‘sleep onset’ variety.

    I’ll have to get back on the thing as soon as I’m well enough.

  7. XUP

    I’ve had a few months of slacking off, too which is why I started my annual spring cleanse on the weekend to kick start my way back to healthier-ness. I hope the exercise does it for you. Fresh air is good too, eh? Just a gentle walk after supper perhaps? Good luck.

  8. get off my lawn

    Dojo? What martial art did you practice? Does that wii thing really work? I used to be much more active and need something to keep me from spreading all over the couch.

  9. pinklea

    My exercise is a 45-minute walk most days. There are times I just don’t do it, but I usually miss it when I don’t. Besides the fitness thing, I really do think it helps me sleep better, so hopefully exercise will work for you too.
    BTW, have you checked out going to a sleep clinic? Maybe you have sleep apnea.

  10. hannah78 Post author

    Beth-LOL. Agreed, though just be careful not to medicate everyday because some aids can raise your tolerance so you end up needing more and that can get dangerous.
    Quack attack-Less food in? Hmm, sounds like a big sacrifice.;) I’m hoping my bite guard will help, its tough to get used to it.
    Darrell-Well as I often tell you, you need to reset your clock and start going to bed earlier. Get better soon, so you can join me on the Wii! 🙂
    XUP-Good luck on the clense. Yeah, I am getting outside more now that the temperature is warmer. It has to help:)
    Get off my lawn-I practiced traditional Japanese Ju-Jutsu. It was fun, though painful at times. LOL. The Wii does work! My hubby lost 5 lbs on it. You should look into it.:)
    Pinklea-No, I haven’t gone to a sleep clinic. I’m trying out my own solutions and if they fail, will be going as a last resort. I’m not overweight, so I shouldn’t have sleep apnea. Or at least, I hope not!

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