Frustration in potty training


For today’s animals, I’ve decided to vent some frustration on our dear dog’s potty training regression. During her first few months of life, we patiently praised her for going outside and accepted the odd accident, until finally she started doing her business outside. Success! Or so we thought. But now, at nine months, just when the weather is slowly improving, she has started peeing inside. WTH? We let her out about a billion times and she just stands outside the door, pressing her face against the glass, like in these two photos.


Yesterday, I let her out for a longer time than usual, hoping that eventually her bladder would win out and she would just pee in the backyard like she used to do. But nope, she just watched me with a sad look on her face and wouldn’t pee until I took her for a walk.  Urgh! So I’m going to email some dog trainers and see what they suggest. Selena, why can’t you pee outside like Jesse (my brother’s dog)?  He wizzes outside and look how happy he is!:


Anyone out there have any tips?


11 thoughts on “Frustration in potty training

  1. The Tired Prop

    Hi Hanna!

    You just keeop on trying. Dogs can be really hard to train, but if you give up you’ll regret in the future.

    That’s what heppened with our bassethound…! little son of a…!

  2. hannah78 Post author

    Tired Prop-Oh I’ll keep trying, but it is weird that she is regressing. That’s funny that you have a basset hound. My parents have basset hounds too and their male is particularly stubborn and argues all the time. Sound familiar with your dog?
    Dr. Monkey-LOL. Good thing absolutely, particularly for those who live with you. 😉

  3. Marie

    Omg, she’s so cute! Love how her face is just pressed up against the window.

    Wish I had some sage advice, but unfortunately (for me) I don’t own a dog. Yet. Hope she starts peeing outside again!

  4. quackattack

    Has she been spayed yet?

    I know when house training George he picked it up within two weeks and was the perfect little puppy … until he hit about 9 months and started leaving puddles inside … having him neutered seemed to do the trick … but for a couple of weeks there it was frustrating!

    Good luck!

  5. hannah78 Post author

    Marie-Thanks! She is cute and when she presses her face against the glass it makes me laugh. But I really do want her to get over her fear of the backyard.
    Quackattack-Yep, she was fixed three months ago.
    So there must be another reason! I will find it…:)

  6. Hella Stella

    I know that although Morty was 90% trained within the first month of coming home, the occasional accidents later on were sooo frustrating.

    We did the following:

    When we caught him peeing inside, we would stomp our feel and make a loud noise to startle him (he stops peeing pretty fast). Then we take him straight outside to his pee spot and stand still until he finishes. Then we give him loads of treats and praise for finishing outside.

    Our training book said this works the best if you can catch them in the act – then they know they will be praised for holding it.

    We also stood outside with Morty until he went for the first while. This made his feel comfortable in the backyard.

  7. raino

    hiya hannah. will make this fast as i am at home as sick as a friggen dog! (scuuuze the pun). anyhow, unless the dog is regressing, which happens, it could be something as simple as a bladder infection. get selena to the vet…

  8. Get Off My Lawn

    Have you considered goldfish? Less pee on the floor and they never run away. Also less traumatic when they pass away and easy and cheap to replace.

    No, I have no advice. I wish I could help.

  9. hannah78 Post author

    Hella Stella-We could try ‘scaring her’ mid stream (eww) but she can be pretty thick and would probably just look up at us with a guilty expression and keep on peeing. I’ve started waiting outside with her and praising her on the odd time she pees in the backyard. Hopefully she will keep it up! 🙂
    Raino-Sorry that you’re sick! Get better soon! It could be a bladder infection, but I hope not. I’ll look into it. Thanks!
    Get off my lawn-I tried goldfish, but they tend to die and squirt out of your hands when you try to ‘snuggle’ with them. 😉

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