Sick…but made it to camp!

As predicted, the germs that were rudely blown on my husband have now taken residence in my system and I am now sick as well. In fact, I’ve been ill since late last week and what started out as feelings of thirst soon morphed into major chest congestion and is now a burning type of throat pain. Ugh!

However, despite feeling like crap, on the weekend, I still managed to make 24 cupcakes and make it to the cupcake camp without keeling over or killing somebody. Yay!

Sunday-the day of the camp-basically went like this. We waited in line to register my cupcakes. And once that was done, the cupcakes were photographed and put around a room:

cupcakecamp81Next, we went into a different room and waited,  quietly coughing in the corner until all the other bakers and ‘tasters’ descended on Jack Purcell Center like a horde of locusts:


It was so packed in there and with the lack of windows, breathing was challenging.  But then finally, the cupcakes started coming and there was a mad dash to be at the front of the tables to get one.cupcakecamp6

I was mainly interested in photographing my two creations-black forest and vanilla lime (featured at the back of the plate)- when it was their turn to be judged and eaten:cupcakecamp1

This was two seconds after the plate was dropped and already someone’s going for the cupcakes! LOL.

So that was my weekend, well apart from buying some more reading material and hacking up phlegm.  I’m going to go to bed now and dream of more cupcakes to make.:)


11 thoughts on “Sick…but made it to camp!

  1. J.

    sounds like you had alot of fun. I really wanted to go to this this year, but I couldn’t make it out there in time. I’m so happy you posted pictures, I was wondering what it would look like

  2. raino

    they looked yum! good for you that you made it as i know you were looking forward to it. take it easy. i was sick for 6 days straight. just starting to get back to ‘normal’.

  3. hannah78 Post author

    Marie-They were yummy! Thanks for the well wishes.:)
    J.-It was an o.k. event, but not something that I’d do again, since it was pretty crowded. I’m glad I got pictures though.
    Raino-Glad you’re starting to feel better. These colds/flus are awful!
    LiLu-When it comes to baking, I am a tough cookie(no pun intended)
    Pinklea-Thanks and no I don’t want her to get sick either. She was good about cuddling with me during my illness though.
    Get off my lawn-Awesome! My kind of judge! 😉

  4. XUP

    There’s nothing better than cupcakes baked, iced and decorated by someone hacking up phlegm every few seconds. Ha ha. Sorry, I have a reall bake-sale phobia. I always picture the baker licking hs/her fingers while spreading the icing or arranging the delicacies on a plate.

  5. hannah78 Post author

    XUP-Hey! I was very careful NOT to give my cupcakes that special ‘phlegmy taste’ by sneezing, coughing and breathing far away from them! LOL. That mental picture of someone licking their fingers is really gross, thanks a lot! Now all bake sales are ruined! Heheh. 😉

  6. melanger

    Hannah, nice work on the cupcakes. I love the idea of a cupcake camp. I think Brisbane needs to adopt the concept. I love the sound of the black forest cake. Were you happy with the recipe?

  7. Capital Cupcake Camp

    Hope you are feeling better now!
    We’re looking for feedback for future events, if you could email us or fill in the contact form on our site.
    See you maybe next year!
    -Cupcake Camp Orgs

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