Reason #33 why you shouldn’t go to work sick

I’m still sick and went to work and ended up moaning “Sunshine on my shoulder” while on a cold pill high, which got me lots of strange looks. LOL.

Hey, I’ve got to amuse and keep myself awake somehow right? Except, my version was less ‘rainbows and candy’ and more ‘zombies strolling around Wallmart lookin’ for brains and good deals’.

Why did I even come to work? Good question. I always hated people that come to work sick and yet there I was, plugging away. I have this weird complex about missing too much work that comes from my mother. Literally. Whenever I would take time off to recover, she would always berate me:

“Don’t take too much time off!”

So now, I’ve got her voice internalized and will only stay home if I’m really, really sick.  I always feel guilty for staying home, even when I have good reason.  Urgh!  Plus, there is the whole being young and saving up sick leave and worrying about what the boss thinks, which are other issues.

What are your feelings on the subject?


9 thoughts on “Reason #33 why you shouldn’t go to work sick

  1. raino

    that’s a tough one. my thinking on the matter is that if you are sick you should stay home, not only so that you do not infect others (if whatever you have is in fact contagious) but also to take care of yourself, relax and get better. i am a firm believer that rest helps.

    so, if you are sick stay home!

    however, if you are feeling that you are needing more than the normal or the reasonable allotment of time off as a result of illness, well, that’s another thing.

    the issue of guilt is yours and if you have an employer who makes you feel guilty (and you feel you have not abused the system) then you need to move on.

    at some point in our lives, we all need a sick day.

    i work with someone who totally abuses the sick day policy to the point where you (me) can actually speculate when she will be away. now i am no einstein (infact i don’t think i even spelt that correctly lol) but it all starts with a cough here and there and an ‘oh, i feel so stuffed up’ along with ‘ah, this weekend is going to be so busy’ which of course warrants a day off.


    so, get better hannah!

    p.s. folks, sorry for the rant.

  2. Darrell

    I think it’s your duty to go to work at least once while you’re still sick.

    That way, others who need some time off can get the excuse.

  3. Kate

    I was thinking about this just this morning when I woke up to a head full of icky stuff and a throat made of sandpaper. I think your mom and my mom must be friends. I was trained at a young age that you always go to work or school unless you are on the verge of death. My husband also makes fun of me if I stay home from work and I’m not puking or something equally wretched (no pun intended). Hence why I am now writing this from my office computer. *sigh*

  4. Elliot Ross

    I confess – being in small business IT – there is no such thing as a sick day –

    There have been some sick hours here & there – but never a full day

  5. XUP

    I hate it when people come to work sick; they just make everyone else sick. And I won’t come to work if I’m feeling really crappy, although I will if I just have a cold because I don’t want to waste my sick days being home sick

  6. pinklea

    As a rule, I think people should stay home when they’re sick. But in reality, because I’m a teacher, sometimes that’s tough to do. First of all, I have to book someone to replace me for the day, the harder part is that I then have to plan all my lessons for the day in such a way that someone who is not regularly with my kids will be able to follow what to do. Honestly, sometimes it really is less work for me just to show up for work all stuffed up. I mean, parents send sick kids to school all the time, so at least I should be able to return the germs once in a while! 😉

  7. get off my lawn

    I always tell my staff to take as much time as they need. Don’t push it, I’d rather have you take two days now than all next week because you haven’t bee resting.
    But I always go to work sick unles I have a fever or am puking.

  8. hannah78 Post author

    Raino-I know I should stay home but between my mother and my employer, I can only stay home when its really bad. That coworker of yours sounds awful!
    Darrell-If you say so.
    Kate-Our mothers definitely were in cahoots in devising their lectures. Hope you feel better soon!:)
    Elliot Ross-Yet another reason why I could never work in IT. I may not take tons of sick leave but at least its there for me!
    XUP-So that’s the problem isn’t it? How sick should you be? I guess fever, puking and difficulty breathing are the definite stay home signals. (Internal nagging or not!)
    Pinklea-It must be hard being a teacher. I remember in grade 5, I had a teacher who only took time off when she had shingles and her substitute had a hell of a time getting the brats in my class to behave.
    Get off my lawn-You sound like a fair boss.:)

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