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Pictures from a dog park

While I haven’t been getting as much outdoor physical activity as I could be lately, I have however, been going to the local dog park/crater where the dogs run free off-leash while their owners try to think of things to say to each other.  Everyday, we walk down our street, past the set of “hardcore” mailboxes..

dscf5874 the crater at the bottom of the hill and let Selena run full pin towards the glorious fur beasts.


Selena is usually VERY popular with the lads.

dscf5860This white Scotty is named Sisi (not Sissy, which would be our dog! LOL) Sisi and Selena love to play together because they’re a similar size.

dscf5880This beauty of a retriever is named “Jed” and he is such a baby. Love him!

dscf5884Here’s another mushy big dog named “Bear” who is a Newfoundland/retriever cross. His fur is amazingly soft. Oh and he will love you if you rub his belly. Such a shamless dog, he’ll go on his back for anyone! LOL


I love most rotties, so I took a pic of this guy, even though I don’t know his name and he won’t let anyone touch him (he runs away). He loves his sticks though.

dscf5897And here is the youngest member of the pack, but I can’t remember his name. He’s a littler squirmer, so I had to gently hold his face to the camera.

dscf5905Oh and here is an image of some of the ‘naughtiness’ that was going on in the park. That poodle would just not stop humping that hapless fluffy dog. A young boy nearby after seeing them going at it exclaimed: “Those dogs are hugging!” LOL

dscf59071And here is the hussy..I mean.. hapless fluffy dog. She’s new, so no clue what her name is yet. She’s a nice gal though.

dscf5909Below is the last picture of this post-Bear, on his back loving the bellyrub I’m giving him. It was awkward rubbing and taking photos at the same time. (O.k. that just sounded wrong!)


So there you have it, at our local dog park, I am probably known as the “crazy chick with the camera who takes a million photos” but that’s o.k. They are too cute not to photograph!

Music suggestions

So I’ve got a few cd’s in my car-Stevie Wonder and Foo Fighters-among them as well as cheesy 90s dance music to bug my hubby. (Though he’ll never admit,  he usually ends up groovin’ to it! LOL!)

But I NEED more music! Not just for the car but for cooking and cleaning too. Does anyone have any albums they recommend?

I should mention that I’ll listen to most stuff, as long as its good and not overly manufactured. (aka Brit Spears) Other music that I’m NOT into is: Country, Heavy Metal, Gangsta Rap(I get enough of that already by riding the bus with teenagers) and “Christian rock” (Gives me nightmares just thinking about it!)

So bloggers? Tell me what are some awesome bands/singers that I should get into?

Frustration and TMI

Yesterday started off good. I got lots of sleep (thanks to meds!) and woke up all eager to come back to work. Then things went wrong. Computer programs wouldn’t work and I was having a continuous misunderstanding with someone. I would try and make them happy, but it just was not happening, and I felt like banging my head against a wall.

Should have known-Work is good and most of the people here are great, but office politics and being a victim of patronizing that I can’t do one damn thing about are not!

After I got home and complained to my hubby about it, we grilled some corn (Bloggers- combine olive oil, lime juice and chili powder and spread on barbequed corn, trust me its awesome!), drank some beer and took Selena for a walk. There we met another young couple who had two dogs and engaged them in conversation. The guy is a mechanic and his wife works in a spa that I frequent for waxing appointments. So being the way-too-honest goof that I am, I blurted out:

“So are you one of the girls who did my bikini waxes in the past? Because looks like we know each other pretty well already!” Then because I am such a dork, I gave her an uber cheesy wink. 

These kind of crazy comments are funny to me, but some people get easily offended. Yeah, party poopers! Luckily, everyone started laughing. And not, uncomfortable ‘did she actually just say that?’ laughter, but sincere chuckles. Made me feel good. 

I’m not mean to people (Unless you are being a jerk to me!) and rarely share the details of my relationship with my spouse, but otherwise, I think anything goes!  People work all day in B.S environments, when they come home, they should relax and let their silly side fly! I do so proudly!

Feeling better

I started feeling better on the weekend and am now almost back to normal. Knock on wood a million times! Saturday was bee-utiful 0utside (See, XUP it turned out well afterall! O.k. well maybe not so much at night with that big storm, but hopefully most people were safe at home by then) and I took advantage, travelling to the first garage sales of the season.

new_garage_sale_left_plt20smallAhh, there’s nothing better than rummaging through people’s unwanted but sometimes still quality items. I got a shirt originally purchased in India for a buck as well as a cooking magazine. Not much, but the season is still young. Hey does anyone in Ottawa plan on going to the “Great Glebe Garage Sale“? (aka Da mother of all garage sales in Canada’s capital city) If so, let me know and we can meet up, because my husband does not like going through people’s stuff and usually stands there glancing at his watch. Saturday, we also went to the dog park near our house and met some new furry friends. I’ll post pictures later.:)

On Sunday, a friend and I went to a book consignment shop and then proceeded back to my place to swap novels and gab. We talked about a few serious topics but then proceeded on to gossip. Who did we gossip about? Basically shitty people from high school. I’m not much of a gossip fiend, but I have no problem stating my honest experiences regarding people who treated me like dirt. In other words-They’re assholes and deserve it.

So I have a question for all my ‘blogger pals’-When you were in high school, did you ever hear high school being described as ‘the best years of one’s life’ and think ‘wtf?? Hell no!’  ev_romy_070404_ssh

Because I did. When I was in my teens and speaking with an adult, some of them would get this dreamy look on their face and say :

“I remember when I was your age and in high school. *Sighs* Best years of my life.”

Yeah right. For me, high school consisted of emotional pain and an eagerness to get the hell out of there. Sure, there were good times, but there were far more times where I was a walking target for douche bags and almost went numb with sheer boredom. Many of the students were immature and unable to make their own decisions, while the teachers were stressed, underpaid and some of them, plain ol’ bastards that would cut you down if you weren’t “popular”. Ech! I had friends, but was never, ever popular.

The “popular gals” were anorexic biatches who would smoke at the back of the school in skimpy outfits and spend half the day caking on makeup. When they weren’t backstabbing and hurting people.  If that’s what it took to be popular, I’m glad I was the ‘gothy nerd’ who did things her own way and still does. 🙂

 It was fun to talk about all those dumbasses and how they still haven’t changed. Anyways, it should be mentioned that my friend who is pretty picky, liked the welsh rarebit I made us for dinner. Yay! If she eats my food, then it must mean my cooking skills are improving!:)

Picture-From the movie “Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion“.

I have bronchitis

Yesterday I got fed up with not knowing what is wrong with me, so I went to the clinic and discovered that I have bronchitis. The doctor gave me some antibiotics and sent me on my way.

I had a feeling this is what has been bothering me, since I have a history of bronchial problems and asthma, so its good to know I was right.:)

Anyway, hopefully I feel better soon because the weather is supposed to be really nice and I really don’t want to spend another weekend inside while everyone else is prancing in the spring grass and tulips and making it like bunnies.

So, sorry that this is another “sick” post, but there isn’t much else to blog about right now. (Unless you wan’t another ‘phlegm post’, which I’m sure most of you don’t. LOL)

Ickiness on Earth Day

This morning as I was having a “super sexy” hacking and coughing fit over the bathroom sink, I managed to hack up a load of grey phlegm. Grey! I don’t smoke, what the hell is wrong with me?So I looked it up and apparently it can be caused from swallowing too much dust.  More than likely the same dust that has been collecting in my house since I was too sick to clean. So, it looks like I’m going to have to start dusting and vacuuming again.  Oh joy!

While throwing out dirty paper towels and running the vacuum isn’t the most Earth Day friendly activities I could be doing, there are other things I am doing to celebrate this important day. Such as:

-Getting rid of gunk in the back of the fridge. All those “science projects” are on their way out.

-Unplugging some electronics

-Going for a nice walk to the doggy park

-Getting our long awaited ‘composter’ started

Of course, these will go along with my other daily green activities like recycling, turning off lights, reducing the thermostat if its too warm, cleaning up after Selena, reducing water consumption by not letting the water run and stopping drips, etc.

I hate people that complain about Earth Day and Hour. These curmedgons bitch and moan that its just a ‘trend’ and claim that people only observe them on their annointed time and then the rest of the year resume their dirty habits. Well maybe that is true for some, but many take these events seriously and try to continue their greener habits daily. There meant to raise awareness about pollution and overconsumption and they do.

These events are not about becoming crazy hippies who live in weird smelling communes, its about saving our planet or at least slowing down its destruction. Long overdue if you ask me!

Paranormal Bologna


While I was sick and at home, I got ample opportunity to watch crap TV and caught a bit of “Paranormal State“.  Has anyone seen this show? If so, what is your opinion of it?  Personally, I think its a load of smoke and mirrors and not much else. The episode I saw revolved around an alleged “demon possession” of a young girl. The ghost hunters arrived, researched, investigated, probed,  asked “What was that?!” in a scared voice about a million times, helped exorcise the evil and then gave themselves big pats on the back at the end. Nice and tidy and oh so heartwarming. It was so very contrived and ridiculous, it made me ill.

I am what you would call a fairly “spiritual” person-I believe in the existence of many things and ghosts are definitely included. But while I love the paranormal, I am also not a sucker and don’t swallow every single case of “haunting” that is aired on TV or posted on the net. I’m also highly suspicious of most “psychics”, since many of them are con artists. (This should not be shocking news to anyone!)

So why do I distrust Paranormal State? Its hard to pinpoint exactly. Maybe its all the “scary” set up music and effects, followed by the egotistical seriousness of the leader Ryan, plus as mentioned, things tend to follow a format on that show.  They start with the case, interview the people, get the history of the place, bust out the “psychic” and if necessary priest, then comes the climax with more shadow chasing and ham acting and ends with them conquering the ghosts and sending them packing. Real life ghostbusters and heroes, eh? In a word-No.

Maybe a few of the places they visited were haunted, but it seems to me, most are just boring, old and dusty, so what do they do? Through the miracle of TV effects and financial incentives, they make a ghostly mountain out of a molehill and people gobble it all up.

I’ve seen other ‘ghost’ shows on TV and while some are good and some are not,  this show seems to be about at the top of the pile in terms of ‘cheese’ factor.