April Fools Animals

Unfortunately, I don’t have any photos of animals to show you, but here is a cute video that seems appropriate for April 1st.


Oh and one of my coworker’s tried to get me this morning by saying this:

Him-“Did you hear the forecast?”

Me(pre-coffee)-“Uh? Yeah, why?”

Him-“Their calling for snow!”

Me-“No, I heard the forecast this morning. Rain and high of 14”

Him (smiling)-“No, they changed the forecast. We’re going to get tons of snow!”

Me-“Yeah right. I don’t believe you. You’re crazy!”

Just goes to show you, you have to try pretty hard to fool me on this fool’s day! Oh and dude, joking about snow in April is NOT COOL! LOL


10 thoughts on “April Fools Animals

  1. Miss Chris

    I hate April Fools day… too much thinking involved. Whenever someone says something odd you have to try and figure out if it’s real or just another lame joke. 🙂

  2. pinklea

    Our forecast for Vancouver this morning WAS for snow, and it DID actually snow (didn’t stick, though). Our weather this year really has been a joke!

  3. XUP

    I couldn’t even figure out how the cat squeezed through that little opening. Why would a deer do that? I’m dumbfounded

  4. get off my lawn

    I told my class that the cops were coming to question them about an arson case in which they were suspects. I had them going for a while too. You have to be subtle in the presentation, but anyone can be got.

  5. hannah78 Post author

    Robin-Nope, though I used to be the most guillible and naive person on the planet but now I’m old and cynical. LOL. Those doors are a nice idea.
    Pinklea-Sucks you got snow, but you’re in Vancouver, so it rarely sticks even in winter, right?
    XUP-Guess they both heard the calls for dinner and decided to squish through the opening. That deer is too cute for words!
    LiLu-Yep! It really does make the difference. Damnit, I’m too tired and cranky for pranks! LOL
    Get off the Lawn-You are mean! I like it.;)

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