Decisions and bad movies

I’d like to thank everyone who gave their advice on the previous post. Sometimes its hard to let things and people go, but in the end its for the best. I feel like I’ve outgrown a few people in my life and find its best to just let things happen as they should. And if that means letting go, then so be it.

Further, I have other friends, family and a husband who love and support me, so its better to put more energy into the relationships that are more symbiotic.

Anyways, tonight I also managed to watch one of the worst movies ever made! The flick ‘sounded’ decent on the online dvd site, so I decided to rent it. Yeah, what the hell was I thinking?  I think the only redeemable quality about this flick is the leading lady, who is a babe, but who unfortunately also can’t act and spent most of the movie grabbing her hair and screaming like a helpless twit. I like b-movies and silly horror as much as the next nerd, but what this is one of the worst examples of movie making. (And I’ve seen “Frankenhooker!” LOL)

Lesson learned-Watch previews on Youtube BEFORE ordering movies online.


4 thoughts on “Decisions and bad movies

  1. Darrell

    Usually when I see a bad old movie I like to IMDB it and see what the people involved went on to do.

    This one isn’t very interesting.

    Most of the actors/actresses have it listed as their last credit, or only credit. Those who don’t go on to play such pivotal roles as ‘second woman’ on episodes of Charlies Angels.

    The director, though, went on to write ‘the boys of cellblock Q’.

  2. Dr. Monkey

    I will defend Frankenhooker to my last breath. It was a classic camp horror comedy.

  3. hannah78 Post author

    Darrell-Their only role? I’m not surprised since most of them couldn’t act their way out of a paper bag. Boys of Cellblock Q? LOL
    Dr.Monkey-LOL. I agree and appreciate the camp value, but its definitely not the best movie around.
    J.-The acting was pretty scary. LOL.

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