Happy Easter!

funny_35Have a nice long weekend everyone! I wish you lots of chocolate, candy and whatever the heck else you want for Easter. But please don’t go buying real “baby chicks” and/or “bunnies” as a gift for your loved ones for this Holiday. Animals should not be purchased as presents/novelty items. But you guys know that already right?

My weekend plans will be-Sitting in my parents hot tub (They’re currently in Florida), eating, shopping for a dress, baking, watching movies, drawing and going to my in-laws. What are your plans?


12 thoughts on “Happy Easter!

  1. J.

    I’m so jealous that your going to be a hot tub this weekend! I hope our hotel has one. We’ll be in Toronto this weekend and then at my parents for dinner on Sunday. Yiipee!

  2. XUP

    Drat. I guess my first plan for the weekend is to take back all those baby chicks I bought as gifts for friends and family. Ha ha ha — the very idea!! Have a great one.

  3. hannah78 Post author

    J.-Yep, we’ll be “hot tubbin'” it up! Have fun in Toronto and at your parents.:)
    XUP-You are truely evil. LOL. Have a great Easter too!

  4. Linda

    Love that cartoon. I have no plans for Easter. Maybe explore the area where I am this weekend but the weatherman says that it is going to rain.

  5. hannah78 Post author

    Tired Prop-Oh we will enjoy the hot tub. 😉
    Linda-Rain? Awww. Well I hope you have a good one despite that.:)
    Pinklea-LOL. Thanks
    LiLu-LOL. That’s a good card too.:)

  6. hannah78 Post author

    Get off my lawn-No working on the weekend sounds good.:)
    Lost Artist-Hmmm..nana bread.:)
    B-I did, thanks! I hope you did too!

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