Success at the groomers! Finally!

springgroom1Sorry for the late post for Wednesday’s Animals. Its been crazy busy for me today. But here are some pictures of Selena from her visit at the groomers. My dog obedience instructor suggested this particular groomer after I explained the problems we had with other groomers. Well lemme tell you, this new place was great and the groomer was so nice! Selena freaked a bit, but otherwise was good. (I know because I was there with her the whole time)

She told me it was the other groomers, not my baby Selena who was the problem and I agreed. (Plus the other groomers apparently gave her the wrong haircut)

Doesn’t she look great?


6 thoughts on “Success at the groomers! Finally!

  1. get off my lawn

    She is stunning in her new do. Glad it all worked out and that the new groomer is good.
    If she ran around fast enough, she could sweep the floor for you.

  2. hannah78 Post author

    Raino-Thanks and I will. (By the time we got home it was late)
    Get off my lawn-Hmm..A living floor cleaner? She’s already a vacuum with food, so it could work.:)
    Pinklea-Thank you. She’s my little doll. (Next to Marcus and Pumpkin of course!)

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