Easter weekend was pretty low-key for us. Friday consisted of lazying about, Saturday, we went to the garden store to prepare for the Spring harvesting of herbs and flowers in our small backyard and on Monday, there was some cleaning, but again mostly lazying. Sunday, was the most active day we had. We drove to hubby’s parents place with:


and homemade hot cross buns:


 From his parents, we travelled to his aunt’s place for dinner and watched Selena and a very rambunctious Jack Russell named Daisy play fight and run around like maniacs. At one point, their playing turned into real fighting and they had to split apart.

selanddaisyBut eventually things settled down and we ate and drank wine. Hubby’s whole family was also fixated on the golf game on TV, which bores the hell out of me, so I looked at his aunt’s Food and Living and Rachel Ray magazines.  Oh and I attempted to take pictures of the dogs:

daisyIt was hard though because the little buggers were so darn hyper. Daisy is actually his cousin’s dog and his aunt has a white fluffy dog with permatongue sticking out named Gucci, but none of his pictures turned out. Anyways, it was nice and when Hubby and I got home, we went over to my parents for “hot tubbin'”. The hot tub was boiling! (We left it turned on for too long) But it was a nice end to a nice day.


14 thoughts on “Easter

  1. Julia @ Mélanger

    Hannah – nice work on the hot cross buns. Did you just use icing sugar for the crosses? I made mine with flour and water. Oh, and I had to colour them pale pink after a request from my young nieces. 🙂

    Those dogs are awesome. Love dogs!

  2. hannah78 Post author

    Robin-He gives you the ol “puppy dog eyes” eh?
    JP-So post ’em! I want to see pics of your gentle giant.:)
    LiLu-Their both good but not so much together.;)
    Lost Artist-Thanks, they were yummy! (The hot cross buns that is. LOL)
    Miss Chris-Their cuteness enables them to get away with murder
    Hella Stella-Well maybe when we get our back fence finally built, you, Morty and your hubby can come over.:)
    Julia-Yep, its icing sugar and orange juice. The idea to colour them pink is genius!:)

  3. pinklea

    Okay, that settles it: I have to learn how to make my own hot cross buns. Yours look yummy! I’m a terrible baker, but I could probably convince DD to finish them if I started them. (She claims she doesn’t like them, but where did that six-pack of Safeway hot cross buns go, then? I only had two!)

  4. raino

    yeah, she looks really great and ALMOST impressed with the new haircut! hee hee

    (ps. almost lawyer man not talkin’ to me anymore? tell him i’m missing our eddie vedder discussions! lol)

  5. hannah78 Post author

    Raino-Selena “tolerates” her new haircut quite well.;)
    ‘Almost Lawyer man’ replied to an earlier comment of yours on a different post on here. If you sent him an email and he hasn’t replied, its not personal, he’s just busy with exams and such:)
    Oh and I am CERTAIN that he misses your Eddie Vedder discussions too! 😉 hehehe.

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