Its another late Wednesday post for me, as I’ve been crazy busy. But here are some pics of happy doggies. First, is a picture of Gucci, the one who I thought didn’t have any good pictures. Well I found one! Isn’t he cute?:gucci

Next are some pics from last night’s dog obedience class. It wasn’t the greatest class, but at least I got some good shots out of it:


That’s Selena with Luna, the adorable and super smart lab cross. Next, is a photo of Juno, who is a bit of a shy guy, but who warms up to you. (As evidenced here with him sticking his face in my camera, LOL)


 He’s such a sweetie! Anyways, that’s it!


14 thoughts on “Dogs!

  1. hannah78 Post author

    Robin-LOL. I guess we’re both very crazy about our pets. Well people take a million pics of their children, so why not?:)
    Raino-He’s sweet eh?
    Get off my lawn-I think Juno is more of a girl’s name too, but it kinda suits him.
    Marie-Thank you:)
    J-I think he’s a Welsh terrier

  2. XUP

    Dogs are so much more photogenic than cats. Cats always have that evil glazed look in their eyes when you take their picture.

  3. hannah78 Post author

    Olivia-Thanks and she goes to dog obedience once a week for an hour.:)
    XUP-I usually have that same “evil glazed” expression whenever people take my photo. LOL. I don’t really like having my pic taken and hate even more to see said picture afterwards.

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