Paranormal Bologna


While I was sick and at home, I got ample opportunity to watch crap TV and caught a bit of “Paranormal State“.  Has anyone seen this show? If so, what is your opinion of it?  Personally, I think its a load of smoke and mirrors and not much else. The episode I saw revolved around an alleged “demon possession” of a young girl. The ghost hunters arrived, researched, investigated, probed,  asked “What was that?!” in a scared voice about a million times, helped exorcise the evil and then gave themselves big pats on the back at the end. Nice and tidy and oh so heartwarming. It was so very contrived and ridiculous, it made me ill.

I am what you would call a fairly “spiritual” person-I believe in the existence of many things and ghosts are definitely included. But while I love the paranormal, I am also not a sucker and don’t swallow every single case of “haunting” that is aired on TV or posted on the net. I’m also highly suspicious of most “psychics”, since many of them are con artists. (This should not be shocking news to anyone!)

So why do I distrust Paranormal State? Its hard to pinpoint exactly. Maybe its all the “scary” set up music and effects, followed by the egotistical seriousness of the leader Ryan, plus as mentioned, things tend to follow a format on that show.  They start with the case, interview the people, get the history of the place, bust out the “psychic” and if necessary priest, then comes the climax with more shadow chasing and ham acting and ends with them conquering the ghosts and sending them packing. Real life ghostbusters and heroes, eh? In a word-No.

Maybe a few of the places they visited were haunted, but it seems to me, most are just boring, old and dusty, so what do they do? Through the miracle of TV effects and financial incentives, they make a ghostly mountain out of a molehill and people gobble it all up.

I’ve seen other ‘ghost’ shows on TV and while some are good and some are not,  this show seems to be about at the top of the pile in terms of ‘cheese’ factor.


8 thoughts on “Paranormal Bologna

  1. LiLu

    I dunno… I think “Are You Afraid of the Dark” won that torch a long time ago. Although, at least they admitted it was fiction.

    (Sidenote: I actually couldn’t watch it because I was too scared of it.)

  2. raino

    i’m with lilu, i dunno either. it’s a mystery to me. i saw a couple of minutes of that show and was turned off pretty much right away but i do believe in spirits. how could i not – my mom comes and visits me ALL THE TIME and nobody could ever convince me that she isn’t. i think the idea of ghosts or spirits scare some people. the dead don’t scare me. it’s the living that scare the SHITE out of me.

  3. get off my lawn

    Yeah, this is a horrible show. That Ryan dude needs an enema. But he’s making a killing, I’d bet. I’m gonna walk around with a handi-cam saying “did you hear that?” at every creak. Maybe I’d be famous too.

  4. The Maven

    I don’t think I’ve seen a single ghost investigation show I like. I mean, they’re all rather dull once you pull out the creepy music and such. I do sometimes watch them for pure entertainment value, though. I suppose it’s like people who watch The Bachelor; they know it’s all set up but they still think it’s fun. Paranormal State is my Rock of Love.

  5. Linda

    And vampires–why, all of the sudden, are there so many books and movies about vampires? All fiction, of course. Just not something I enjoy watching. I visited the most haunted house in England once and didn’t feel a thing except for a cold breeze on the back of my neck.

  6. hannah78 Post author

    LiLu-I’ve seen that show! I thought it just aired in Canada, but I guess not. Major cheese.
    Raino-I believe you about your mom and think our deceased loved ones do watch us sometimes. 🙂
    Get off my lawn-LOL! Ryan really does need some type of release. Cripes! He’s not doing brain surgery, he’s in a silly TV show!
    Can I be in your show? I could put a bedsheet on go “Ooooooo”! LOL.
    The Maven-I like the ones (and they are few) that just present the case as factually and objectively as possible. I say minimize the music and other BS and let the investigation speak for itself.
    Linda-God! I know! And not just regular vampires, but “pretty boy ones that sparkle and don’t wash their hair”. *GAG!* I also visited a “haunted” cemetary in Scotland once and it was all a big set up by for the tour guide to scare us.

  7. Robin

    I hate those shows, which sucks because i love old creepy buildings. I think they build it up too much to thrill the viewer. I’d rather watch history shows about old buildings, hear about it’s past and it’s stories.

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