Sick with a big dose of tired


So I’m still not 100%. I was sick ALL weekend and took yesterday off work. Oh and I woke up at 3am last night and couldn’t go back to sleep.


So I stayed up and slayed goblins and devils on my XBOX360. (Which I’ve also been doing all weekend since mucus was coming out all ends and I was exhausted) But despite the unjust lack of sleep and lingering sickness, I’m back at work, because I’m sure the sky would collapse if I took more than one day off.

*sigh* Well at least the coffee is already made here.


11 thoughts on “Sick with a big dose of tired

  1. raino

    wow. you look different than i remember hannah. you’re a blond in that photo, could have sworn you had darker hair lol.

    so sorry you’re feeling so crappy.

  2. hannah78 Post author

    Wandering Coyote-No, that’s not my dog, but he/she does reflect how I feel today.
    Hella Stella-Thank you!:)

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