Ickiness on Earth Day

This morning as I was having a “super sexy” hacking and coughing fit over the bathroom sink, I managed to hack up a load of grey phlegm. Grey! I don’t smoke, what the hell is wrong with me?So I looked it up and apparently it can be caused from swallowing too much dust.  More than likely the same dust that has been collecting in my house since I was too sick to clean. So, it looks like I’m going to have to start dusting and vacuuming again.  Oh joy!

While throwing out dirty paper towels and running the vacuum isn’t the most Earth Day friendly activities I could be doing, there are other things I am doing to celebrate this important day. Such as:

-Getting rid of gunk in the back of the fridge. All those “science projects” are on their way out.

-Unplugging some electronics

-Going for a nice walk to the doggy park

-Getting our long awaited ‘composter’ started

Of course, these will go along with my other daily green activities like recycling, turning off lights, reducing the thermostat if its too warm, cleaning up after Selena, reducing water consumption by not letting the water run and stopping drips, etc.

I hate people that complain about Earth Day and Hour. These curmedgons bitch and moan that its just a ‘trend’ and claim that people only observe them on their annointed time and then the rest of the year resume their dirty habits. Well maybe that is true for some, but many take these events seriously and try to continue their greener habits daily. There meant to raise awareness about pollution and overconsumption and they do.

These events are not about becoming crazy hippies who live in weird smelling communes, its about saving our planet or at least slowing down its destruction. Long overdue if you ask me!


14 thoughts on “Ickiness on Earth Day

  1. Marie

    Earth Day is I think a reminder to all that if we don’t “live greener” we’re going to seriously screw up this place we live in. I know, sounds cliche, but we’ve done so much damage already and people are only starting to be aware of it.

    Also, you should get that cough checked!

  2. Miss Chris

    Your cough sounds terrible. All the cleaning you listed needs to be done at my house too. I’m just not motivated… I need to get off my butt and get moving but I’d rather sit here and read blogs for now.

  3. hannah78 Post author

    Marie-It is a reminder and hopefully everyone will jump on board. As for the cough, I’m going to take some expectorant and if it doesn’t clear in a few days, I’m going to see my doctor.
    Miss Chris-It is terrible! Blech! I am not motivated to clean either, but I don’t want to breathe in more excess dust. If I had money, I would hire a maid.

  4. Kate

    “These events are not about becoming crazy hippies who live in weird smelling communes, its about saving our planet or at least slowing down its destruction. Long overdue if you ask me!”

    Amen, sister!

    Also, reformed smokers (or, at least, my husband) tend to cough up brown junk.

    You’re welcome for the TMI. 😉

  5. raino

    i’m still stuck at ‘a load of grey phlegm’ and who knew that phlegm had a g in it! you need to get better soon! smarten up.

  6. get off my lawn

    Not that there’s anthing wrong with being a hippie in a weird smelling commune. Fon’t knock it til you’ve tried it. The only thing more super sexy than a woman coughing up dust balls is a woman with unshaven legs and armpits coughing up dust balls. Lightly scented from petchulie (sp?)

  7. hannah78 Post author

    Hella Stella-Gladly.:)
    Kate-Brown phlegm? Hmmm.. Now THAT is hot! LOL
    LiLu-I know! Plus the bags under my eyes, wheezing and sneezing! Makes me even more appealing!;)
    Raino-I knew! Yay! Gold star for me!:) I do need to get better. Its not happening fast enough!
    Get off my lawn-LOL. You are too funny!

  8. XUP

    Maybe I’m a curmudgeon, but I reckon the people who attend Earth Day stuff, participate in Earth Day stuff and inform themselves about environmental issues are people who are interested and already doing what they can and learning what they can all year around. People who don’t give a crap are not going to be swayed by asking them to turn their lights off for an hour or having happy Earth Day festivals in the park. So who’s the target audience here? People sitting on the fence about whether or not it’s a good idea to stink up the planet? All they need is that extra Earth Day nudge to get them on to the side of good? I don’t know. I DO know though, that if you’re inhaling enough dust or whatever to turn your phlegm grey, this can’t be good. Do you walk and/or live by busy roads? You might be sucking in more than your fair share of car spew.

  9. hannah78 Post author

    Robin-Sorry. I should have issued a bigger warning beforehand. LOL
    XUP-Well, as mentioned there will always be selfish, naysayers who refuse to do what is right. (ie. recycle, clean up after themselves, etc.) but by having these worldwide events, hopefully some of them will be swayed. To me, the more attention to these types of events, the better.:)
    No, we don’t live near a busy road and we actually live in the ‘burbs right next to a field/park, so the air isn’t bad. Its probably the dust and an infection in my lungs causing the colour.

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