Frustration and TMI

Yesterday started off good. I got lots of sleep (thanks to meds!) and woke up all eager to come back to work. Then things went wrong. Computer programs wouldn’t work and I was having a continuous misunderstanding with someone. I would try and make them happy, but it just was not happening, and I felt like banging my head against a wall.

Should have known-Work is good and most of the people here are great, but office politics and being a victim of patronizing that I can’t do one damn thing about are not!

After I got home and complained to my hubby about it, we grilled some corn (Bloggers- combine olive oil, lime juice and chili powder and spread on barbequed corn, trust me its awesome!), drank some beer and took Selena for a walk. There we met another young couple who had two dogs and engaged them in conversation. The guy is a mechanic and his wife works in a spa that I frequent for waxing appointments. So being the way-too-honest goof that I am, I blurted out:

“So are you one of the girls who did my bikini waxes in the past? Because looks like we know each other pretty well already!” Then because I am such a dork, I gave her an uber cheesy wink. 

These kind of crazy comments are funny to me, but some people get easily offended. Yeah, party poopers! Luckily, everyone started laughing. And not, uncomfortable ‘did she actually just say that?’ laughter, but sincere chuckles. Made me feel good. 

I’m not mean to people (Unless you are being a jerk to me!) and rarely share the details of my relationship with my spouse, but otherwise, I think anything goes!  People work all day in B.S environments, when they come home, they should relax and let their silly side fly! I do so proudly!


17 thoughts on “Frustration and TMI

  1. raino

    i feel your pain on to counts. the problems at work and the goofy comments. i too am a big one for saying the most inappropriate of comments and i find funny – not sure why – but later when i think about it, they clearly are not. anyhoooo, if i had been her, i would have laughed my arse off hannah ’cause it was funny. did you wink at her too?!

  2. XUP

    I get to be just as silly at work which is the only good thing about it – but a big thing. It’s tough not to be allowed to be yourself and be appreciated for being yourself 8 hours a day. Maybe your new hobby could be a little on-the-side job hunting??

  3. justjp

    I am not sure I could have a conversation and chill with someone that ripped my down there hair out. Corn sounds rockin!

  4. Lost Artist

    Ha ha! No, I think that’s funny! I’m pretty awesome at making inappropriate comments as well, so I understand your pain. And I am sooo trying that corn. It sound delish.

  5. hannah78 Post author

    Hella Stella- Better to be honest I say!:)
    LiLu-Well no she wasn’t offended, but I’ve met plenty of people who do get mad over shit like that. And yeah, they are LAAAAAAMMMEOOOOS! LOL
    Raino-Inappropriate comments are usually funny as long as their not mean and/or at work. Sometimes people’s reactions to these comments are hilarious as well!;)
    XUP-You’re lucky you can be silly at work. I try to turn my humor down a few pegs at work, as most people wouldn’t ‘get it’. LOL. My main frustration with work, however, is when I am serious and try to help someone and they continue to be mad, no matter what I say or do. Arg!
    JustJP-LOL. As long as their a cool person, I don’t care if they just gave me an enema, I’ll still talk to them. (Just maybe not RIGHT after!)
    Lost Artist-Good to hear you’re not crazy uptight! Makes life more fun. The corn was delish, I kept stealing my hubby’s.
    Raino-You can do either, but what I try and do is 1.boil it with a bit of water first in microwave, 2. then oil the corn up with olive oil
    3. slap it on the BBQ, rotate and cook for 10 minutes then add the seasonings! Yum!

  6. Greg

    Yeah, I know what you mean. Whenever I tell people in great detail about my bikini wax, they always look offended. Or grossed out. Like they’re about to throw up. Rude!

  7. pinklea

    I know what you mean: I say stuff like that all the time, anticipating that people will giggle with me. Sometimes, though, my radar is off, and they stare at me in stony silence then carry on as if I hadn’t said a word. I shrivel inside, then decide that they’re just not worth my fabulous self, puff out again and mentally walk away (if I can’t physically do it, that is!). It took me four decades on this earth to figure this out, but now that I have, I really try to live that way. Sounds like you do too!

  8. Chris

    I always say things that seem to get people’s attention… not always good. But then again, I’ve never used the ol’ bikini wax line before. I must remember to try that. (Which I’m sure will have very interesting results…)

    And I will try that corn roasting tip!

  9. hannah78 Post author

    Greg-Well I for one am shocked! Shocked that they would have such a reaction! LOL
    Pinklea-See that’s part of the fun for me. If I can hear crickets and uncomfortable throat clearing after a horrible joke, I find it hilarious! Mainly I’m laughing at myself at that point and how damn seriously some people take things. You are fabulous, don’t let uptight people tell you otherwise!:)
    Chris-Guaranteed to get some kind of reaction when it comes to joking about pubic hair! LOL.
    And do try the corn! *drools*

  10. Kate

    “People work all day in B.S environments, when they come home, they should relax and let their silly side fly! I do so proudly!”

    Me too! Yay us!

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