Music suggestions

So I’ve got a few cd’s in my car-Stevie Wonder and Foo Fighters-among them as well as cheesy 90s dance music to bug my hubby. (Though he’ll never admit,  he usually ends up groovin’ to it! LOL!)

But I NEED more music! Not just for the car but for cooking and cleaning too. Does anyone have any albums they recommend?

I should mention that I’ll listen to most stuff, as long as its good and not overly manufactured. (aka Brit Spears) Other music that I’m NOT into is: Country, Heavy Metal, Gangsta Rap(I get enough of that already by riding the bus with teenagers) and “Christian rock” (Gives me nightmares just thinking about it!)

So bloggers? Tell me what are some awesome bands/singers that I should get into?


21 thoughts on “Music suggestions

  1. Lost Artist

    Frightened Rabbit – The Midnight Organ Fight, DeVotchKa-How it Ends,
    The Gaslight Anthem – ’59 Sound,
    Belle & Sebastian -If you’re Feeling Sinister
    Uncle Tupelo – all of it

    F.R Devotchka and Belle and Sebastian are indie-rock staples, and Brilliant.

    GA is currently my favorite band of all time. They’re punk-rock but they’re kind of poppy. I describe them as Bruce Springsteens punk-rock nephew. amazing.

    UT is really amazing alt-folk-rock. He sings a lot about drinking. (Oh and the singer is the same singer from Wilco-Jeff Tweedy)

    I think you’ll like all of them.

  2. Marie

    David Gray (White Ladder Album)
    Beck (Guero Album)
    Raconteurs (Consolers of the Lonely Album)
    Some LCD Sound System and Daft Punk

    And those are just some…

  3. J.

    Anything from The Beatles. Love love LOVE the beatles.

    Girl Talk.. actually while you’re add it, why don’t you print the bluesfest schedule for this year and download music from these artists. That’s what were doing. Since I don’t know a good bunch of them, I’m trying to download their music to get to know them

  4. quackattack

    The new Metric album is good … I’m also a huge fan of Muse and The Killers, right now … can’t go wrong with David Bowie or Queen.

    Um … I listen to too much music to be able to single artists out 😛 It’s sooo hard to choose!

  5. Dr. Monkey

    Cornershop, without a doubt. Pick up ‘Handcream for a Generation’ and ‘When I was born for the 7th Time.’

    They Might Be Giants-Nerd rock at it’s finest. ‘Flood’ is good and so is ‘Factory Showroom.’

    Tift Merritt-She’s got a cool folky rock sound. Okay she might even be a little bit country but it’s good stuff I’m telling you.

    Macy Gray.

    Dave Edmunds, Stray Cats, and early Nick Lowe are great guitar based rockabilly/pop music.

  6. raino

    well you probably know what i’m gonna suggest so i won’t tell you that one …. but they have the word ‘jam’ in the name.

    anyhow, other than that i love dave matthews and kings of leon.

    for cleaning i’d go with some of the old stuff, bob marley, the stones (let it bleed), leonard skynard, supertramp, aerosmith, nazareth, run dmc, the cult, the beatles or neil young.

    maybe throw some offspring in there, depeche mode, trews, green day, coldplay.

    and of course pink floyd.

    and speaking of pink get some of pinks music. i love her! i also really like miley cyrus’s music believe it or not!

  7. hannah78 Post author

    Lost Artist-Thanks for the suggestions. I particularly liked Devotchka!
    Robin-I LOVE Weezer!
    Marie-I’m already a huge Beck fan. You should try his other albums, there very good! I’ll check out the others too!
    J.-I ADORE The Beatles too! And I think I might just check out Bluesfest.:)
    J.P-He is good! I liked what I heard
    Quackattack-Yeah Metric is pretty good. David Bowie and Queen are already on my music list!
    Dr.Monkey-Wow! Those are alot of suggestions! I love They Must be Giants! *sings* “Istanbul was Constantinople…”
    Raino-What? You like Pearl Jam? I NEVER would have guessed! 😉 All your suggestions were great, well except for the last two, which just are not my thing. Any offspring of “achy breaky heart” is pure evil I tells ya! EEE-VIL! LOL

  8. hannah78 Post author

    Pinklea-Pink is just not my thing. But I think I was having a bigger visceral reaction to the name “Miley Cyrus”.
    I should let you know, however, that while I may not enjoy the singer with the name Pink, I am certainly a fan of pink poodles. 🙂

  9. raino

    MC is good. i know. i know. i would have never guessed but seriously i think she has an awesome voice. have i mentioned i live with TWO 11 year olds…

  10. hannah78 Post author

    Raino-By MC do you mean Mariah Carey? Because when I was 11, I also LOVED her! LOL.
    She does have a great voice, not as digitized as other gals nowadays, but I don’t think I’d listen to her now though.

  11. VioletSky

    A friend of mine introduced me to Nick Cave about a year ago – cannot believe I never heard of him before – but I’m now slowly collecting his works.

  12. LeAnn

    Anything by Steely Dan. Smarmy, sex-ridden classic jazz.
    And Thievery Corporation, my new idols.

  13. Hannah

    Violet Sky-Oh I know him! I’ve only heard a few songs though, but I’ll check out more.
    LeAnn-Love your suggestions thanks!

  14. Tracy

    okay… I posted this and it’s not showing up so I’ll try again…
    Ugh to Hannah Montana… can’t even stand her SPEAKING voice!

    Check out…
    Old 97’s (Fight Songs)
    Billy Bragg and Wilco (Mermaid Avenue)
    Southern Culture on the Skids
    Garden State soundtrack

  15. hannah78 Post author

    Tracy-Sorry you’ve been having difficulty commenting. WordPress can be a bitch sometimes. Yes thank you for agreeing with me on Hannah *Barf* Montana! I love Raino but do not understand her love of Cyrus. (But then again she does have two daughters)
    I LOVE Morcheeba and Wilco! Thank you for reminding me! I’ll have to check out those other bands too.

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