Pictures from a dog park

While I haven’t been getting as much outdoor physical activity as I could be lately, I have however, been going to the local dog park/crater where the dogs run free off-leash while their owners try to think of things to say to each other.  Everyday, we walk down our street, past the set of “hardcore” mailboxes..

dscf5874 the crater at the bottom of the hill and let Selena run full pin towards the glorious fur beasts.


Selena is usually VERY popular with the lads.

dscf5860This white Scotty is named Sisi (not Sissy, which would be our dog! LOL) Sisi and Selena love to play together because they’re a similar size.

dscf5880This beauty of a retriever is named “Jed” and he is such a baby. Love him!

dscf5884Here’s another mushy big dog named “Bear” who is a Newfoundland/retriever cross. His fur is amazingly soft. Oh and he will love you if you rub his belly. Such a shamless dog, he’ll go on his back for anyone! LOL


I love most rotties, so I took a pic of this guy, even though I don’t know his name and he won’t let anyone touch him (he runs away). He loves his sticks though.

dscf5897And here is the youngest member of the pack, but I can’t remember his name. He’s a littler squirmer, so I had to gently hold his face to the camera.

dscf5905Oh and here is an image of some of the ‘naughtiness’ that was going on in the park. That poodle would just not stop humping that hapless fluffy dog. A young boy nearby after seeing them going at it exclaimed: “Those dogs are hugging!” LOL

dscf59071And here is the hussy..I mean.. hapless fluffy dog. She’s new, so no clue what her name is yet. She’s a nice gal though.

dscf5909Below is the last picture of this post-Bear, on his back loving the bellyrub I’m giving him. It was awkward rubbing and taking photos at the same time. (O.k. that just sounded wrong!)


So there you have it, at our local dog park, I am probably known as the “crazy chick with the camera who takes a million photos” but that’s o.k. They are too cute not to photograph!


13 thoughts on “Pictures from a dog park

  1. raino

    what now? you got somethin’ against thrash metal too! ah!

    i am offended. you were at the dog park without Molly?

    i love the close up pics of their big faces!

  2. XUP

    If a person without a dog were to hang around a dog park oogling the dogs is that as creepy as a person without a child hanging around a play park oogling the kids?

  3. hannah78 Post author

    B.-It is heaven! (Well next to consignment shops/garage sales, hot tubs, cottages and fried goat cheese salad!)
    JustJP-Boy after my own heart! LOL.
    We missed Molly! She could hump the poodle, so there could be a ‘dog train’. LOL. Aww, she’s such a cutie pie. When are we getting together again for our next dog park visit?
    Marie-Ah, I used to be in the exact same situation. It was awful not being able to get a dog that I so desperately wanted. So you have my sympathy.:)
    XUP-You dirty dog watcher you! LOL. No, that’s not odd. I would do it too if I didn’t have a dog.

  4. Friar

    Leave it to XUP to somehow make petting someone else’s dog seem inappropriate.

    I’ll never go to a dog park alone, now, without feeling guilty. Sheesh. 😉

  5. hannah78 Post author

    Friar-LOL. You didn’t feel guilty before? tsk tsk! 😉
    Miss Chris-My dog is usually in sensory overload too at these places, but she eventually settles down. What kind of dog do you have?

  6. olivia

    LOL, I was wondering the same thing as XUP. Although, I’d much rather hang around w/ dogs than kids ANY DAY.

    You captured some real sweet pix Hannah!

    Keep ’em coming for us – the sad and dogless – 😉

  7. Tracy

    I’m that crazy lady too!
    And the funny thing is that I’m afraid to tell people I’m a pet photographer…
    me = dork.

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