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Some pictures

Here are some pictures that I didn’t post earlier and thought you all might enjoy! This is what I made for dinner tonight. Hmm..eggplanty-riffic! (Its eggplant parmesan)


Next..Selena’s new do’ and collar


Selena loves Bailey and his cat post. Bailey, meanwhile, is not as fond of Selena and will not give up his perch..


Big, boxer nose right in the camera!


Sucky baby!


Soakin’ up some sun


Lastly, here is a nice crab apple tree in bloom.


Trip down memory (and drama) lane

This morning, after switching buses, I was walking down the aisle looking for a good seat when I felt someone holding my arm. So I turned around and saw a former good friend’s mom staring up at me smiling. I haven’t seen this woman in years, so it was pretty cool to see her again.

Well except for one thing-Her daughter and I parted on not-so-good terms years ago. Namely, we got into a fight at a Sally Anne’s and spent the ride home not speaking to each other. Later that night, I sent her an email telling her I didn’t want to be friends anymore and she sent me a rude email back agreeing.  Anyway, the whole things is very strange, because her mother is this very kind, super sweet-natured, hospitable Polish woman, but none of these traits seemed to have rubbed off on her daughter who is shallow, very selfish, overly sensitive and neurotic..oh and likes to throw out the odd..racist and prejudicial statement every now and then.

Our relationship quickly soured also because of what happened at a bar one night.  We started off at her house and she was going on and on about how great her new boyfriend was. She cheated on her last boyfriend, so I had hoped that she smartened up and found a guy who would whip some sense into her. Who I met, unfortunately, was a greasy, scumbag who spent part of the night trying to convince me that we shouldn’t care about Africa or any other poor countries (Ironic considering his parents were also Polish and Poland used to have major problems) and the rest of the night trying to grab my face and kiss me! Barf!

So I complained to her about it and after insulting me and making more offensive generalizations,  we split up.  Now you see why I’m not friends with her anymore.

This morning, her mother told me that she was “mad” at her daughter for what happened between us and that she missed me a lot. Truthfully, I missed her and her husband but wish her daughter had turned out better. When we were kids, her daughter and I, thrust together out of shyness and social anxiety, used to be attached at the hip and we continued to be close until university. I always knew she was off, though, but tried to look past it. Unfortunately, you can only do this for so long. I’m not perfect either and have made some mistakes, but I can only put up with bullshit for so long, before I say “See ya!”

Anyways, we exchanged phone numbers so maybe I’ll see this chick’s parents again someday. But if not, its good to know that she is doing well.  As for my friend, I couldn’t help but laugh inside when her mom told me she is still living at home with her parents and is still with that loser.  Her mom isn’t happy about it, but I think my friend deserves to be with him.

He chose her??!


Speaking of dumb guys marrying evil bitches, apparently the publishers have ended the 70-year-old love triangle between Archie, Betty and Veronica. He chose Veronica! WTF?

He chose the elitist, mean-spirited, spoiled, little biatch over the kind, sensitive, intelligent gal who can not only cook, but can also fix cars (or “jalopies” in Archie-speak)

I guess we truely are in an age where image and money are everything, because how else can you explain his choice?

Betty-He was a dumbass anyways who strung you along. Grow a better backbone and I’m sure you’ll land a much hotter guy. Oh and could you give the pony/pig tails a rest? Life is too short to wear the same hairstyles all the time.

LOL-Truely earth shattering news out there right now! But after hearing non-stop about that crazy Korean dictator, blow-by-blow accounts of the Ottawa mayor’s current trial,  Ottawa’s embarrassingly bad sewage problems and this crazy guy, its a fun diversion. Plus-I used to read Archie comics avidly when I was a pre-teen and still have a big box full of old comics from the 80s-early 90s at my parents house, so this is big news! (Shut up! LOL)



It’s Spring and lots of people are getting married. But its not even so much the season, as the time in my life (late twenties) when I’ve noticed more and more of my friends and my husband’s friends getting hitched. Which is great, but its kinda hard on the wallet. We’re going to Vancouver in the summer for a wedding, followed by another wedding in the Fall and another friend of mine who was my maid-of-honor and has since moved to England wants me to come to her wedding in January.

Tough to do when your spouse is still in school and you are in lowly admin support.  But, we’ll see how it goes.:)

Does anyone watch “Rich Bride, Poor Bride?” I don’t really watch it very often anymore, but last night they had a bride who was such a rotten, spoiled, selfish little biatch that during a temper tantrum, punched a hole in her bathroom wall with a hammer! There are a few of these babies on this show, which while it ups the sick “entertainment” factor, makes me wonder how the hell they managed to land a husband. Then again, their husbands are usually blockheads, who just nod and laugh while their monstrous fiancées aggressively dismiss their ideas and constantly repeat:  “But I’m a princess and I deserve it all!” (gag me!)

Planning a wedding can be stressful, but never did I act that way. Honestly, the only time I felt my blood pressure rise planning my wedding, was when certain, select individuals and vendors around me were acting badly. (And trust me, these kinds of events can bring out the worst in people and you really find out who your true friends are)

But, I tried to stay calm and never performed random acts of destruction. In fact, I was probably too calm and easygoing and let others do and say whatever, because I didn’t want to come off as one of these bitches.  But now I know, there is a way to be assertive without crossing the bridge into crazy town. LOL.

My wedding could have been a more elaborate affair and things did go wrong, but even though it wasn’t perfect, it was special and our venue beautiful.  And I’m grateful.

Shopping and more cooking

It was a nice weekend-No illness or barfing to speak of, however, my throat still feels so dry and scratchy! (Stupid, stubborn cold! G0 away!)

Anyway, on Saturday morning, I got up early and joined my mother in a search of needed items at Canadian Tire. I’ll let you know a little secret about moi-I HATE big box stores! Hate ’em! This shouldn’t be too surprising given my many environmental rants, but cripes are they a pain! I lost my mother about five times and couldn’t find one of my needed items amongst all the superfluous crap. My strategy when being forced to shop in one of these behemoths, is to write out a list, ask employees where to find such items, race my cart quickly around the store and get to the check out as soon as possible. None of this ‘drifing around’ crap! 

In the afternoon, my friend and I finally got down to Westborough to do some serious shopping in more modest sized stores.


It was nice-Beautiful day, lots of funky boutiques, dogs everywhere and we ate lunch at a really good Italian restaurant.  At the end of our excursion, I insisted we stop by Brio, so I could peruse the swimwear. The selection there, unfortunately was rather limited and they had some of the ugliest frickin’ bathing suits I have ever seen! Suits like this:


Yes, it was a black and pink bikini attached together with two bits of cloth and plastic bows! This and the other crazy swim wear were designed by Betsey Johnson. Betsey wtf were you thinking? Your clothing is usually pretty nice, so how could you make something so hideous?

Anywho, some of the nicer stuff I found were a cherry necklace, two lucky cats and a really cute poka dot dress:

Poka-dot dress

It was a bit pricey, but I look good in it, so why not? 

Sunday was spent entirely in the kitchen whipping up more creations. The lasagne I made turned out really well and was a mix between The Green Door recipe and my own. I tried to make ice cream but man it is a bitch to make that stuff without heavy cream. Heavy cream, in case some of you didn’t know, is not available in Canada, so I ended up making vanilla soup.

Has anyone else in this country made ice cream successfully? If so, what did you use in place of the heavy cream?

My first real pie crust! Woo!

There are two recipes that I consider tough to make correctly from scratch-Pie crust and cookies.  But tonight, at exactly 8:30pm, I was finally able to successfully make a pie crust from scratch that did not A)Fall apart and/or B) Make me want to say “fuck it” and run to the store to buy Pillsbury pie dough.

Woo hoo! Here is the masterpiece:

My first pie! (Cherry)

The lattice turned out a bit uneven and I had to play a bit with the edges, but who cares, it looks and tastes like a real pie! For the filling, I was lazy and used canned cherry pie filling, but I’m still waiting on the strawberries and rhubarb. Once those babies come in, it will be COMPLETELY from scratch!

Oh and to show you just how commited I am, I will also be making its accompanying ice cream from scratch! My Grandma would be proud.

Still sick…but easily distracted

I still have a cold, but I’ve been trying to distract myself with baking, cooking and researching new meal ideas online. Its amazing how wonderful food seems to be once you’ve gone through a period without being able to digest it. Once that pill was out of my body, I delved into all my cookbooks and started brainstorming new culinary adventures. Here are some of my new zany ideas:

1. Homemade cheese

I LOVE cheese and relish the idea of making my own. All I’ll need is a cheese cloth, rennet, a ladle and a few other ingredients depending on the type of cheese and I’m set!

This is a great cheese making video:

2. Baked Alaska


Hubby doesn’t trust me with a blow torch, so I think I will actually bake this thing and see how it turns out.

3. Broken Glass


I’d like to find some good veggie gelatin to make this awesome desert. Any suggestions?

4.  Salads

I’m no health nut, but I have to eat a salad each day or else the sky will collapse!  But I’m getting bored with the same old, same old. So I’m hoping to incorporate some new ingredients in my veggies like : Blackberries, pine nuts, homemade cheese (woo!), olives, water chesnuts and different types of dressings and vinegrettes.

5. Strawberry and rhubarb everything..Rhubarb%20pie

I’m hoping to go out harvesting these in fields and my parents backyard soon and will be making all sorts of yummy desserts and jams.

So that’s all that I’ll post for now, since I could go on and on and bore you even more. LOL. Anyways, I don’t think I’ll be going to the Glebe Garage Sale this weekend. I really doubt I will be able to muster the energy and patience that it requires. Plus, I have other errands that were put off due to illness that I should do this weekend.

Baked Alaska picture from-

Broken glass-