My Favorite Silly Movies

I have a pretty dry/perverted sense of humor, so I can be a bit picky when it comes to comedies.  But these ones a definite gems and make me laugh every time I watch them.

1. Office Space


If you have ever worked in an office, this is the only movie that truely captures how much it can suck sometimes.  The dumbass politics, the BS, smug egotistical managers, etc, are all featured and mocked. This film also makes you feel a little less lonely, knowing that you’re not the only one who questions their life choices and being an office drone.

2. The Three Amigos

I used to watch this hilarious movie when I was a young kid and still love it! (Wonder how many kids nowadays will still say that about Hannah Montana when their 30). Steve Martin is particularly funny in this crazy flick about three American “gringo actors” who play Mexican heroes in silent films. But after getting fired, they get roped into saving a real Mexican village from an evil gang and ‘El Guapo’.  Plus, this flick has a singing horse in it, so its gotta be good!

 3. The Princess Bride


Another beautiful 80s movie, its more of a romantic-comedy. Great actors, beautiful sets, hilarious one liners, this movie has got it all! The story starts with a grandfather reading a story to his grandson about two lovers devotion to each other and the need to fight to keep that love alive.  “Wuuuuv, tru wuvv!”

4. Caddyshack


I’m not much of a golfer, but this movie actually makes watching it enjoyable. Mainly by mocking the hell out of the sport and those crazy country club snobs. Chevy Chase, Rodney Dangerfield and Bill Murray are the stars of this movie and play their roles well as the country club misfits. This movie is also great for quoting:

 Lacey Underall: My uncle says you’ve got a screw loose.
Ty Webb (Chevy Chase): Your uncle molests collies.

Sandy: I want you to kill every gophers on the golf course!
Carl Spackler:  (Bill Murray)Correct me if I’m wrong Sandy, but if I kill all the golfers, they’re gonna lock me up and throw away the key…
Sandy: Not golfers, you great fool! Gophers! The *little* *brown*, *furry* *rodents* -!
Carl Spackler: We can do that; we don’t even have to have a reason. All right, let’s do the same thing, but with gophers -!

Al Czervik: (Rodney Dangerfield) Oh, this your wife, huh? A lovely lady. Hey baby, you must’ve been something before electricity.


5. Groundhog Day


Bill Murray again stars as an arrogant news reporter who has to travel to some hillbilly town in Pennsylvania to cover the annual Groundhog celebrations, but ends up living the same crap day over and over. He is my sarcastic, cynical, horny hero who learns the hard way, the necessity of tact and being a bit more sensitive to other people.

6. The Great Outdoors


More 80s stars are featured in this hilarious flick about one family’s summer vacation in a resort cabin.  Of course, things go awry and it is awesome when they do! Watching this movie makes me miss John Candy. *sigh*

7. Uncle Buck

uncle-buckSpeaking of Candy-My next fav is “Uncle Buck”. John plays a down on his luck uncle from the big city who baby sits his sister’s kids in the middle of suburbia. He doesn’t take crap from anyone, but has a heart of gold! Wish my babysitters in the past were as cool.

 8. Night at the Roxbury


Score! Two SNL comedians-Will Ferrell and Chris Kattan- play two greasy douchebags who have two goals-1. To score and 2. Upon being rejected from the hippest nightclub, want open their own “indoor/outdoor” night club.  You might recognize these guys by seeing their exact clones in every single nightclub.

9. Superstar


This movie is so ridiculous and was panned by critics, but I can’t help but relate to nerdy, Catholic school girl Mary Catherine Gallagher (played by Molly Shannon) who dreams of being a “SUPER-STAR”!

10.National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacationnational_lampoons_christmas_vacation

Features one man’s psychotic obsession with having the “picture perfect Christmas Holiday with his family” but of course nothing goes as planned. Again Chevy Chase when he was actually in movies.

So that’s it. Yes, I know most are from the 1980s, but I’m a child of that period and firmly believe that comedies were better then. What are some of your favorite comedies?


23 thoughts on “My Favorite Silly Movies

  1. hannah78 Post author

    Amanda-You have good taste in movies!
    Robin-These movies aren’t dumb! Bite your tongue woman! Watch ’em and you’ll see!

  2. Marie

    Awesome choices!

    I can always relate to Office Space. A friend of mine even once bought me (for my birthday) an Office Space Kit. “Ahh, I’m also going to need you to go ahead and come in on Sunday, too. We, uhhh, lost some people this week and we sorta need to play catch-up. Thanks!”

  3. Wandering Coyote

    Great picks! I LOVE Christmas Vacation – I watch it every year and it really kills me every time! I just got a copy of Office Space and hopefully I’ll get to it this weekend.

  4. Kate

    Ooh, I love Groundhog Day, The Great Outdoors, Uncle Buck and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation! I don’t know if it’s considered a comedy, but one of my favorites from that era is The Goonies. It’s such a great combo of laughs and adventure!

  5. Liebchen

    Princess Bride is easily one of my favorite movies *ever*. My brother and I quote it non-stop.

    “No more rhymes this time I mean it!” “Anybody want a peanut?”


  6. hannah78 Post author

    Marie-LOL. Office Space is so good for quotes too!
    Joanna: “How dare you judge me? I mean what are you? You think you’re some kind of, like, angel here? No, you’re just this penny-stealing… wanna-be criminal… man. ”
    Peter Gibbons: “Yeah, well, that may be. But at least I never slept with Lumbergh. ”

    Wandering Coyote- We watch Christmas vacation every year too! Its a classic!

    Kate-OMG! Goonies! I remember watching that in Grade 3! So awesome!

    Liebchen-Inconceivable! LOL

    Miss Chris-You are officially now the coolest blogger on the planet because of your uncle! That is so funny.:)

  7. olivia

    One of my favourite **really bad** movies is Road Trip … LOL. It’s just crazy. And This is Spinal Tap — love, love, love Nigel!. 😉

    Princess Bride is a fav too. That was THE movie when I was in HS … everyone went around quoting lines all the time.

  8. KassyK

    Zoolander is hands down my favorite comedy of all time. So many one-liners its unimaginable. So funny. And tied with first place? The Wedding Singer. A-MAZING. Office Space is a close 2nd.

    Night at the Roxbury & Superstar also are amazing and I am always surprised less people have seen then:


    Ferrell: Whatsup Whatsup Whatsup

    Kattan: SLOW DOWN.

    Ferrell: Whats up…two, three, four…Whats up….two, three, four.



    Mary: I don’t know what that means!!!

  9. XUP

    I love all of these movies too, except maybe Princess Bride and Night at the Roxbury (the latter of which I haven’t seen). How do you feel about Ishtar? Have you seen it?

  10. The Maven

    I’ve seen about half of these. Office Space is also one of my all-time favourites. What a classic! The scene with the printer is one I can soooo relate to.

  11. raino

    omg-blows me away how many of these movies would be on my list of top picks! i also have that dry PERVERTED humour. what about trains planes and automobiles? and night at the rox…to die for !

  12. leah

    i approve of your movie selections 😉 office space is a classic. how about the airplane movies? whatcha reckon about those?

  13. hannah78 Post author

    KassyK-Yes! Zoolander! Blue steel! LOL
    XUP-I haven’t seen Ishtar but I’ve heard about it. I should rent it.
    The Maven-Who hasn’t wanted to take a baseball bat to office machines at least once right? LOL. The photocopy machine at my work drives me crazy!
    Raino-See that’s why I like you, your perverted sense of humor. 😉 I love ‘Planes, trains and automobiles’ too! So funny!
    Leah-Right after publishing this post, I thought “Wait, what about Airplane?”, because its hilarious too. Hard to narrow down a list.

  14. Linda

    My favorite on your list is Groundhog Day. What a great concept. I haven’t seen most of the others on your list except Princess Bride. I think I’m much older than you.

  15. Julia

    It was great to meet you too! Don’t forget to work in 10 minutes a day for meditation. 🙂

    I loved the interrogation scene in “Uncle Buck” and the way the kids took to calling him U.B. I am currently trying to get my niece to call me A.J. but it hasn’t taken yet.

  16. hannah78 Post author

    Late response, sorry!

    Linda-You’re missing out! You should see ’em!
    Julia-I will try and make more time for meditation. Hopefully you’re niece will try and adopt your cool nickname.:)
    Julia-Your coworkers sound awesome!
    Bearette-It does have a great soundtrack! Perfect for head twitching in the car!
    Tracy-Too bad you don’t live closer so we could have a movie night! 🙂

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