Now THAT is romance!

I’m on my period this week and in addition to being crampy, bloated, headachey and *extra* crazy, I’ve also been feeling very exhausted.

Anyways, last night I’m talking to husband as he’s on his way out the door to take Selena to dog obedience class, when he suddenly looks at me and says:

“God you’re beautiful”

Which makes me wonder two things: A) What kind of drugs he’s on and B) How did I get so lucky as to have a guy who gives me compliments when I’ve got bags under my eyes and speak only in grunts.

Sometimes life really does take with one hand and give with another.


24 thoughts on “Now THAT is romance!

  1. hannah78 Post author

    J.-Indeed 🙂
    LiLu-I dunno. They never seem to know when to vacuum or change the sheets, but some of them are pretty good with the timing of compliments. Another quirk of men I guess. 🙂

  2. Robin

    Oh how men can be wonderful beings sometimes, it makes my day (maybe even week) when he out of the blue tells me I’m beautiful or pretty ❤

  3. Kate

    Whatever the reason, take it and run with it! And then thank your lucky stars that you’ve got such an awesome man.

  4. XUP

    Further to Dr. Monkey — and/or feeling guilty for something. Not that we’re trying to kill your mellow or anything… ha ha. We’re just cynical old farts

  5. hannah78 Post author

    Quackattack-I know, he’s a softie!
    Robin-So I guess we’re both lucky then!:)
    Kate-Oh I do thank my stars, trust me!
    Dr.Monkey and XUP-LOL! You guys are cynical! But then again, he is training to be a lawyer, so maybe he’s applying one of his ‘lawyer-Jedi mind tricks on me!’

  6. olivia

    LOL … I was going to say Awwww, how sweet. Then I read Dr. Monkey and XUPs responses and I have to laugh.


  7. Get Off My Lawn

    Gosh. Its so obvious. It has nothing to do with second sight or how well he can read you. He wants to go to fantasy football this weekend and is getting on your good side now.

  8. hannah78 Post author

    Olivia-I laughed too!
    Marie-It is sweet!
    Get off my lawn-No you’re wrong! He doesn’t want to go to see football. If anything, it would be a hockey game!;)
    Jobthingy-Aww..we’re lucky to have such nice guys!
    Pinklea-I’m cynical too but he is a keeper. (Which is good, since I married him and all!;))
    Linda-Aw, that’s so nice. Who needs makeup?

  9. raino

    okay. i could be cheeky and ask the question, what did he do but i won’t.

    i will say, yeah for you! good catch – he’s a keeper.

  10. hannah78 Post author

    Raino-Whatever he did, I found no evidence when I got home, so we’ll just assume the best.:)
    Julia-Me neither, but they keep you on your toes.

  11. kitkat

    I’m still waiting for this moment to happen in my household, but I do know that my husband never ceases to amaze me with how great he is. Just when I think he’s hit the limit, he goes and does something really cool and I’m reminded all over again of why I married him. Good boy. (those obedience classes seem to be working)

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