Help stop urban sprawl


This is the latest email I received from the Sierra Club of Canada.  Come out on May 12 to give them support or write to your local Councilor.

Please join Stephen Hazell, Sierra Club Canada’s Executive Director, next Tuesday noon at a rally to prevent urban sprawl! Here are the details:


Tell City Council expanding the Urban Boundary is a bad idea Tues., May 12 @ 12 noon at the Human Rights Monument at Elgin & Lisgar Streets.

The public is also welcome all day at City Hall as the committee considers Ottawa’s new Official Plan. Urban sprawl is the one of the biggest problems facing our city. Expanding the Urban Boundary in Ottawa, and creating new developments over 850 new hectares of land outside established villages on the city’s periphery, as is being proposed, will damage Ottawa economically, socially and environmentally. Upward pressure on your property taxes will result if we enlarge the Urban Boundary. It costs the city $1,000 more every year to provide services and costly infrastructure to homes located outside the Greenbelt compared to homes inside the Greenbelt. On May 12, we have an opportunity to influence City Councilors as they meet to determine the plan for the future of Ottawa. They are being lobbied intensely by developers who want to keep building new homes on the outskirts of town at our common expense. This despite the fact there is plenty of room to build, for densification and intensification inside the current Urban Boundary: our City is about half as dense as Montreal. The time has come to express the only position that is rational with a view to developing asustainable, livable community: that there should be no more urban sprawl.

Only if we freeze the urban boundary will we put less strain on the environment, on water usage, on roadways and on our property taxes. Some might ask “Why should City Council even try to halt urban sprawl if the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) will simply overrule it in favour of thedevelopers?” The OMB recently did this, allowing 1400 new homes near Manotick. Fortunately Premier Dalton McGuinty has stated his government will act and help the City control sprawl and grow in an environmentally sustainable way. Now is the time for him to show us he’s serious. Let the Planning Committee resolve unanimously that the Ontario Government change the Provincial Policy Statement so that our City’s growth can be effectively managed and our planning process can become meaningful. Come and let those representing us at City Hall know how you feel. There are many ways your voice can be heard: Attend the rally. Meet the Councillors; some will be in attendance. Sign the petition which will be available on May 12. Spend some time watching your representatives in action throughout the day.

Write and call your own Councilor before May 12th:


Rally Tuesday, May 12, 2009 at 12 noon at the Human Rights Monument at Elgin & Lisgar Streets.

There is a smarter way to grow: HOLD THE LINE – NO MORE URBAN SPRAWL


8 thoughts on “Help stop urban sprawl

  1. XUP

    I can’t believe we even have to rally against this in this city. Ottawa is this country’s poster child for the horrors of urban sprawl as far as I can tell. If they’ve learned absolutely nothing from all their past mistakes, we’re giong to need a lot more than a letter writing campaign and a day of protest.

  2. hannah78 Post author

    XUP-I agree! With the incompetence of O’Brien and the constant pressure of evil developers, its going to take a lot of public support to prevent further unnecessary and expensive land waste.

  3. Chris

    Hmmm…. living in Toronto, I know all about Urban Sprawl and what it can do for a city. I’m surprised it’s such a big deal in Ottawa. But then again, I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later.

  4. hannah78 Post author

    Chris-I really hope Ottawa does not go the way of Toronto because there are some beautiful rural areas surrounding our city that should remain beautiful.
    Caffeinatrix-I’ve heard that about Florida. Its a pity since it seems like it has some very nice natural areas.

  5. Lost Artist

    Ugghh, its the same where I live. More and more cookie-cutter houses everyday in those ever sprawling subdivisions. They are bad for the environment and it just makes everything seem cheap and unpersonable.

    I admire your activism though! If I lived in Ottawa, I’d come out and support the cause.

  6. hannah78 Post author

    Lost Artist-I agree. I want to live in the natural world, not some plastic concrete kingdom.
    You can still write to your local representation and express your concern about rapid development in your area.:)
    Dawn Shirreffs-Thank you so much for that info! Its only when all of us-in all countries- become involved that there is a noticeable difference in the world.

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