Mother’s day weekend

It was a good weekend. Wet and rainy, but not bad. On Saturday afternoon, I went to “Tarts and Crafts” which is a craftsale run by Ladyfest every year. This event is held at the Jack Purcell Community Center and again it was pretty crowded in there, except this time, with mainly female hipsters, as opposed to the cupcake event which had male and female hipsters and their trendy children. The theme of the craft sale seemed to be “birds” this year, with birds stitched on to everything-buttons, bags, hats and clothing.  It was odd. I guess Alfred Hitchcock’s film is making a comeback.  After touring the tables, I managed to buy these two items:

A new “raccoon” hat


and a “relaxin’ skeleton” shirt


Aren’t my photoshop “skills” in the hat pic awesome? LOL. (Where is Milan and his happy faces when you need him?)

Mother’s Day itself was pretty quiet. But I will have you know that our house is a little bit less of a wreck, since we did some MUCH needed Spring cleaning.  Hubby finally got around to cleaning the “man cave” (aka. the basement) and the smell of litter box and stuffy air has been replaced with artificial air freshener. We went out to meet both sets of parents at a tiny Indian restaurant called “Taj Indian Cuisine” in the sketchy and pretty ghetto Bayshore area.  As mentioned it was pretty small, but asides from having some guy’s large ass shoved in my face when he was trying to sit down in table next to ours, it was a pleasant dining experience. Oh and the vegetarian selection was plentiful, which you don’t always get when you eat out.  But Indian food is pretty ahead of the curb, since they tend to put emphasis on non-meat dishes.

How was your weekend?


11 thoughts on “Mother’s day weekend

  1. The Maven

    I thought your hat came with a built-in veil and I was going to tell you that although I fully understand the need to protect oneself from the aging effects of sun exposure, that traumatizing small children in the process can, indeed, be avoided.

    Glad you had a good Mother’s Day! And I agree: Indian food is very vegetarian-friendly. It’s one of the few cuisines that isn’t slathered in meat. Thank goodness for that 🙂

  2. Chris

    Holy crap! You don’t have a face!

    But that hat looks nice… and nothing says “chilaxing” like a relaxin’ skeleton.

  3. XUP

    My weekend was cold and rainy but a lot of fun. My kiddie went all out on the “showin’ mamma some love” front.

  4. Hannah

    The Maven-LOL. Better to stay protected from the sun and if I “traumatize” anyone in the process, then that’s just an added perk!;)
    Chris-I should just start calling myself “Rorscharch”. 😉 (Watchmen reference) I agree about the skeleton remark, they indeed know how to chill.
    XUP-Awww, that’s nice that your daughter spoiled you this Mom’s Day. Everyone should be so lucky.:)

  5. Dr. Monkey

    I hope you get help for that big black thing on your face. It looks kind of serious.

  6. Kate

    I love, love, LOVE Indian food! It’s a lot harder to come by since I moved out of the city (and my husband has boycotted the one place in our area) so I’ve started making it myself. I actually posted a veg-friendly Indian recipe from Happy Herbivore on my blog today. 🙂

  7. LiLu

    LOVE the skeleton hoodie!

    And FYI, is super easy for stuff like editing pics online quickly 🙂

  8. olivia

    LOL, love your mad PS skilz … 😉 Cute hat too.

    Agree w/ you and the others … Indian food is delicious. I love making it … chicken tikka masala w/ basmati and homemade naan (it’s so easy to make your own naan!) is my favourite.

  9. hannah78 Post author

    Dr. Monkey-LOL!
    Kate-I’m going to try making it myself too, veggie butter chicken here I come! 🙂
    LiLu-Thanks and I think I’ll try fotoflexer.
    Olivia-My PS skills are pretty dope. LOL. Stop describing food, you’re making me hungry!

  10. hannah78 Post author

    Tracy-Violent tendencies? Well there was this one time during rush hour traffic..LOL. No. I’m a big softie. 🙂

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