Still sick…but easily distracted

I still have a cold, but I’ve been trying to distract myself with baking, cooking and researching new meal ideas online. Its amazing how wonderful food seems to be once you’ve gone through a period without being able to digest it. Once that pill was out of my body, I delved into all my cookbooks and started brainstorming new culinary adventures. Here are some of my new zany ideas:

1. Homemade cheese

I LOVE cheese and relish the idea of making my own. All I’ll need is a cheese cloth, rennet, a ladle and a few other ingredients depending on the type of cheese and I’m set!

This is a great cheese making video:

2. Baked Alaska


Hubby doesn’t trust me with a blow torch, so I think I will actually bake this thing and see how it turns out.

3. Broken Glass


I’d like to find some good veggie gelatin to make this awesome desert. Any suggestions?

4.  Salads

I’m no health nut, but I have to eat a salad each day or else the sky will collapse!  But I’m getting bored with the same old, same old. So I’m hoping to incorporate some new ingredients in my veggies like : Blackberries, pine nuts, homemade cheese (woo!), olives, water chesnuts and different types of dressings and vinegrettes.

5. Strawberry and rhubarb everything..Rhubarb%20pie

I’m hoping to go out harvesting these in fields and my parents backyard soon and will be making all sorts of yummy desserts and jams.

So that’s all that I’ll post for now, since I could go on and on and bore you even more. LOL. Anyways, I don’t think I’ll be going to the Glebe Garage Sale this weekend. I really doubt I will be able to muster the energy and patience that it requires. Plus, I have other errands that were put off due to illness that I should do this weekend.

Baked Alaska picture from-

Broken glass-


12 thoughts on “Still sick…but easily distracted

  1. LiLu

    The best salad I ever had was spinach, pinenuts, and goat cheese sprinkled on top of hot-off-the-grill chicken or salmon so that the cheese got all melty… with an amazing balsamic vinagrette. I’m no salad buff, but that thing was amazing.

  2. raino

    i like lilu’s salad ! and you must post the recipe for your friend goat cheese salad please, even if you just send it to me. that sounds awesome. i am glad you are on the mend sunshine.

  3. Julia @ Mélanger

    Sorry to hear your still sick! But I think some of that baking would cheer me up. Especially the strawberry and rhubarb pie. I am baking with rhubarb this weekend actually! 🙂

  4. XUP

    If don’t want to use gelatin, then you really won’t want to use rennet to make cheese. Have you been eating cheese with rennet all this time? Rennet is harvesting from a calf’s mucus stomach lining. So they have to kill the calf of course to remove the stomach and scrape its innards. The mucus contains an enzyme that helps clot cheese. There are cheeses now made with “microbial enzymes” – non animal clotting agents.

  5. hannah78 Post author

    Robin-I’ll be finding out soon enough!:)
    XUP-Damnit! Animal parts are in everything! Where do they sell the cheeses with “microbial enzymes”? Can you find them at regular grocery stores?
    Miss Chris-Checkerboard cake? Ooo, that sounds good! 🙂

  6. XUP

    Yes, there are plenty of cheeses available without rennet even in grocery stores. Unfortunately most of the really awesome European cheeses are still made with rennet, but your basic cheddars and mozzas can easily be found.

  7. Suzanne M

    Hannah; I’ve been enjoying reading about your cooking adventures–congrats on the pie crust! Yeah! 😀

    The Green Door Cookbook has great recipes; one for the blueberry pie (or triple berry pie that I loooove) uses agar and arrowroot as thickeners in apple juice (or blueberry juice) instead of gelatin. It works really well! I’m not sure how you would adapt it, but it does work to make a jiggly gelatin-like pie, so I would think you could make little jelloesque cubes out of it as well. Make sure to use apple juice for the high pectin content..the agar is a seaweed derivative and..not sure about the arrowroot.

    Anyway–good luck and YUM! ;-)))

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