Shopping and more cooking

It was a nice weekend-No illness or barfing to speak of, however, my throat still feels so dry and scratchy! (Stupid, stubborn cold! G0 away!)

Anyway, on Saturday morning, I got up early and joined my mother in a search of needed items at Canadian Tire. I’ll let you know a little secret about moi-I HATE big box stores! Hate ’em! This shouldn’t be too surprising given my many environmental rants, but cripes are they a pain! I lost my mother about five times and couldn’t find one of my needed items amongst all the superfluous crap. My strategy when being forced to shop in one of these behemoths, is to write out a list, ask employees where to find such items, race my cart quickly around the store and get to the check out as soon as possible. None of this ‘drifing around’ crap! 

In the afternoon, my friend and I finally got down to Westborough to do some serious shopping in more modest sized stores.


It was nice-Beautiful day, lots of funky boutiques, dogs everywhere and we ate lunch at a really good Italian restaurant.  At the end of our excursion, I insisted we stop by Brio, so I could peruse the swimwear. The selection there, unfortunately was rather limited and they had some of the ugliest frickin’ bathing suits I have ever seen! Suits like this:


Yes, it was a black and pink bikini attached together with two bits of cloth and plastic bows! This and the other crazy swim wear were designed by Betsey Johnson. Betsey wtf were you thinking? Your clothing is usually pretty nice, so how could you make something so hideous?

Anywho, some of the nicer stuff I found were a cherry necklace, two lucky cats and a really cute poka dot dress:

Poka-dot dress

It was a bit pricey, but I look good in it, so why not? 

Sunday was spent entirely in the kitchen whipping up more creations. The lasagne I made turned out really well and was a mix between The Green Door recipe and my own. I tried to make ice cream but man it is a bitch to make that stuff without heavy cream. Heavy cream, in case some of you didn’t know, is not available in Canada, so I ended up making vanilla soup.

Has anyone else in this country made ice cream successfully? If so, what did you use in place of the heavy cream?


16 thoughts on “Shopping and more cooking

  1. Marie

    Seriously, wtf with that swimsuit?! Was it made for a female chiwawa or something?

    Love the dress! A girl always needs a dress I say. 🙂

  2. J.

    I love your new bathing suit, it’s so pretty with the polka dots

    Your right about the other one. Yikes. I can’t think of many people I know that could wear that.

  3. hannah78 Post author

    Marie-I know! How could anyone swim comfortably in it? Yes, a girl always needs a dress..or two..or three..;)
    Dr. Monkey-Hmm..perhaps. You’d be seeing more digital black smudges though. 😉
    J.-Thanks! Yeah I can’t think of anyone who would wear that suit either!

  4. XUP

    Hey – We were in Westboro on Saturday afternoon, too!! We had lunch at The Table and then wandered on down to poke around in some shops..

  5. Kate

    Interesting that heavy cream isn’t available in Canada. What’s the reason for that?

    I’ve never made ice cream before, but I’ve been planning to ask for an ice cream maker for my birthday. Did you make your ice cream with a machine or the old-fashioned way?

  6. hannah78 Post author

    Deutlich-Yes, it is bad that you like that suit. LOL. No! To each their own. Maybe it looks much better on a person than on the hanger.
    Kate-No clue. We have every other type of cream, so its weird. Crazy dairy laws here. I used an ice cream maker.

  7. Linda

    I’ve made ice cream before without heavy cream. The main secret to ice cream is putting rock salt on the ice around the container so the ice cream gets really cold. They have some sort of machine that you put in the freezer too which should do the trick.

  8. hannah78 Post author

    Darrell-LOL. So then it wasn’t a complete waste right?
    LiLu-I bet. 😉
    Linda-Truthfully, I didn’t leave the ice bowl in the freezer 24 hours beforehand, so that might not have helped. I’ll try it again with a colder bowl.

  9. kim

    oooooh! I have that dress in dark blue & it makes my boobs look terrific!
    Thanks for stopping by my little humble abode!

  10. hannah78 Post author

    Kim-Making boobs look good is very important. (For mine to look great, it takes an army and enough padding to stop a bullet. LOL)
    Love your “humble abode”.

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