Trip down memory (and drama) lane

This morning, after switching buses, I was walking down the aisle looking for a good seat when I felt someone holding my arm. So I turned around and saw a former good friend’s mom staring up at me smiling. I haven’t seen this woman in years, so it was pretty cool to see her again.

Well except for one thing-Her daughter and I parted on not-so-good terms years ago. Namely, we got into a fight at a Sally Anne’s and spent the ride home not speaking to each other. Later that night, I sent her an email telling her I didn’t want to be friends anymore and she sent me a rude email back agreeing.  Anyway, the whole things is very strange, because her mother is this very kind, super sweet-natured, hospitable Polish woman, but none of these traits seemed to have rubbed off on her daughter who is shallow, very selfish, overly sensitive and neurotic..oh and likes to throw out the odd..racist and prejudicial statement every now and then.

Our relationship quickly soured also because of what happened at a bar one night.  We started off at her house and she was going on and on about how great her new boyfriend was. She cheated on her last boyfriend, so I had hoped that she smartened up and found a guy who would whip some sense into her. Who I met, unfortunately, was a greasy, scumbag who spent part of the night trying to convince me that we shouldn’t care about Africa or any other poor countries (Ironic considering his parents were also Polish and Poland used to have major problems) and the rest of the night trying to grab my face and kiss me! Barf!

So I complained to her about it and after insulting me and making more offensive generalizations,  we split up.  Now you see why I’m not friends with her anymore.

This morning, her mother told me that she was “mad” at her daughter for what happened between us and that she missed me a lot. Truthfully, I missed her and her husband but wish her daughter had turned out better. When we were kids, her daughter and I, thrust together out of shyness and social anxiety, used to be attached at the hip and we continued to be close until university. I always knew she was off, though, but tried to look past it. Unfortunately, you can only do this for so long. I’m not perfect either and have made some mistakes, but I can only put up with bullshit for so long, before I say “See ya!”

Anyways, we exchanged phone numbers so maybe I’ll see this chick’s parents again someday. But if not, its good to know that she is doing well.  As for my friend, I couldn’t help but laugh inside when her mom told me she is still living at home with her parents and is still with that loser.  Her mom isn’t happy about it, but I think my friend deserves to be with him.


9 thoughts on “Trip down memory (and drama) lane

  1. JoLee

    maybe you could call the mother and set up a coffee date or something. that way you could see her without having to go the house and see the selfish daughter.

  2. J.

    I’d be careful though, maybe you’re friend will show up and the mom will try playing matchmaker :s

  3. hannah78 Post author

    J.-Yeah her mom might try, but there’s no way in hell it would work. I would love to be friends with the parents, but my former friend again, no way!

  4. Marie

    Ugh, that sucks. Breaking up with a friends can sometimes be worse than breaking up with a significant other.

    But when you just don’t get along, what else is there to do?

    Sucks you had to “break up” with her parents though.

  5. Linda

    I guess everyone has had that experience. Sometimes you just can’t do anything about it but bow out. It’s nice having less stress in your life afterwards–at least it sure is for me.

  6. hannah78 Post author

    Marie-It can be worse than breaking up with a sig other, because many times you form a deeper relationship with a friend over a longer period of time. But if they’re not a good person or you’ve grown apart, what else can you do? As for her parents, I might see them again.
    Linda-It was nice having less stress in my life afterwards.

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