Some pictures

Here are some pictures that I didn’t post earlier and thought you all might enjoy! This is what I made for dinner tonight. Hmm..eggplanty-riffic! (Its eggplant parmesan)


Next..Selena’s new do’ and collar


Selena loves Bailey and his cat post. Bailey, meanwhile, is not as fond of Selena and will not give up his perch..


Big, boxer nose right in the camera!


Sucky baby!


Soakin’ up some sun


Lastly, here is a nice crab apple tree in bloom.



10 thoughts on “Some pictures

  1. Chris

    Dog pics are great! And I love Eggplant Parmesan. I make a pretty good version myself. We shall have to compare notes. 😉

  2. The Maven

    Lovely! The dogs are adorable. We have two, and two cats, and two rabbits… We’re currently considering moving to an ark.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. pinklea

    Eggplant parmesan – mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!
    I was on an Alaskan cruise once, and couldn’t decide what to have for dinner, eggplant parmesan or something else that I now forget. I opted for the something else, but the waiter (bless his heart forever!) also brought me a small order of the eggplant. It was the most delicious, amazing thing I had ever eaten – which I’m sure is why I’ve forgotten what I had actually ordered for that meal!

  4. raino

    a boxer nose. where the yell was i when i missed that?! me wuvs boxer noses. oh and selena. well she’s just a darlin’! the eggplant parmesan looks mighty good to and i want some of dat but it’s only 10am. should make for din din tonight.

  5. raino

    i’ll have you know that i JUST got back from the grocery store and have all the ingredients to make us some chicken parmasean, not eggplant though…

  6. XUP

    Your cat condo is awesome. Ours is pretty basic, so I have to try real hard not to let Bazel see the kind of luxury other cats are living in.

  7. Get Off My Lawn

    I love dogs but haven’t been in a position to have one in quite some time. You make me want one. Nice pics.

  8. hannah78 Post author

    Chris-We should compare notes. Do you fry or bake yours?
    Julia-Yeah, that’s Jed. He is adorable.:)
    The Maven-LOL. A house is not a home until its full of animals, I say.
    Pinklea-For an oddly shaped, purple fruit, eggplant is pretty yummy!
    Raino-You missed out hun! We should get together again soon for another doggy playdate. I hope the chicken parmesan went well.:)
    XUP-It is cool eh? But yes, don’t let Bazel see it, because he might start begging you to buy him one too! 😉
    B.-Oh o.k! Beer pong sounds fun!
    Get off my lawn-I hope you will be in a position to get a dog soon. The right dog fulfills your life in so many ways!:)

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